Taj Mahal at The Belly Up

The headline might read like the collision of two great venues to the uninitiated, but to music fans it means a night of wonderful music. Decades ago Taj was kicking ... Continue Reading →

Tommy Prine at Wolf Hills Brewing Company

Tommy Prine headlined a sold out acoustic solo show at Abingdon’s Wolf Hills Brewing Company last night.  The venue is a delightfully rustic space tucked into ... Continue Reading →

Jazz great Steve Tyrell in concert at NoHo’s El Portal Theatre April 2, 2022

 The El Portal Theatre presents Steve Tyrell In Concert    For lovers of great music, a special swinging concert puts jazz great Steve Tyrell ... Continue Reading →

American Idol has platinum tickets for the best wannabes, Huntergirl gets 1st

  A great escape from the omnipresent news is the return of American Idol, the star-making singing competition airing Sunday nights on ABC. Lionel Richie, Katy ... Continue Reading →

Elton Follows The Stones With a Fascinating Tour Sponsorship

When you think about something as seemingly dry as retirement planning, legacy rock artists are not the first things that come to mind. But the more you turn it over in ... Continue Reading →

27 Club Appears at Belly Up

Why have so many promising musicians died at the tender age of 27? The question may never be fully answered, but a half dozen performances at The Belly Up the other ... Continue Reading →

Jamestown Revival at Belly Up

On the heels of their latest album Young Man Jamestown Revival played a two night stand at the Belly Up.  The audience had no issue with the band running through the ... Continue Reading →

CES Update: Panasonic Automotive Powers First UL-Certified eBike with Totem USA

Regular readers will know that I have been following the e-bike sector for many years. It’s been fascinating to see the equivalent of Moore’s Law benefiting the e-bike ... Continue Reading →