A Peek Behind the Curtain of Industry Leader Quickplay

The evolving media landscape is always a fascinating study. I had a chance to speak with Paul Pastor, who gave me a glimpse behind the evolution of Hulu, which set the stage for ... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Ducks put Emilio Estevez on ice again for Disney+

 Emilio Estevez’s acting career has sort of been on ice for awhile as he has enjoyed directing and producing movies and TV for more than two decades. But now he’s in front of the ... Continue Reading →

El Capitan – The Venue of Choice for Full Bore Film Enjoyment

When a film breaks box office records, two things are certain: it is appealing to a broader demographic than just kids and it is showing at more than one theatre.  At this point, “The ... Continue Reading →

Toy Story 4 – Improbably Successful

Most purists understand that a multipart story is best presented as a trilogy. George Lucas decided to go that route with Star Wars, presenting a series of trilogies. Yet here comes ... Continue Reading →

AMERICAN IDOL’s new TOP 10 has great talent with Disney magic

When ABC brought back “American Idol” after Fox TV let it go, it was inevitable that some Disney magic would be sprinkled on the talent show, and on 2019’s TOP 10 contestants: Madison ... Continue Reading →

Aladdin Glides Into The Pantages – Opening Night Report

Aladdin landed at The Pantages, where Disney first enjoyed live production success nearly two decades ago after helping to refurbish the venue for the arrival of The Lion King. (The ... Continue Reading →

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – La Jolla Playhouse

It is likely that everyone goes through at least one Disney phase. It is inescapable that as a kid you would have succumbed to Disney’s pull. When you become a parent, all of that ... Continue Reading →

July Calendar of Events and Stage Shows in Los Angeles

Disney Pixar movie Brave The new Disney Pixar movie Brave has a tremendous showcase venue at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood throughout July. The movie is a magnificent 3D animated ... Continue Reading →