There was a time not too long ago when country music and all of its associated lifestyle was deemed to be a relatively small industry. That all changed in 1991 when Billboard changed ... Continue Reading →

Celebs swing at George Lopez Golf Classic for kidney health

 Superstar comedian George Lopez watched legendary golf mega-star Lee Trevino take a mighty swing to launch the 15th annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic. Filled with ... Continue Reading →

Fenix Store BC21R LED Bike Light – The Smart Move for Safety First and Design a Close Second

Savvy bike riders know that even in the bright light of midday, a strong light is an astute safety feature. Among the myriad options on offer in the marketplace, what you want is a ... Continue Reading →

“Dodgers Stories: 6 Decades in LA” docu PBS SocCal/KCET Nov. 28

 It’s time for Dodger baseball.  Although it’s the off season there’s a historic documentary, “Dodgers Stories: 6 Decades in LA,” that baseball fans can enjoy premiering ... Continue Reading →

Magic Johnson has a ball at Habitat LA’s Builders Ball

Magic Johnson honored at the Builders Ball for LA’s Habitat for Humanity NBA legend Magic Johnson admitted he’s more comfortable with a basketball in his hand than building tools, ... Continue Reading →

Dodger Sportscaster Vin Scully

Dodger Sportscaster Vin Scully A Role Model for Wannabe Announcers, Vin Scully is the Voice of Wisdom   Most kids, at a young age, want to be major league baseball players. ... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY SPORTS WRAP-UP – Mar 15th, 2007

WEEKLY SPORTS WRAP-UP – March 15th, 2007 The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: 17 days of pure adrenaline and anxiety, a two-week plus national binge of basketball and ... Continue Reading →


WEEKLY SPORTS WRAP-UP – March 8th, 2007 No gook ever called me nigger.  The immortal words of a man who once was the scariest man on the planet, the mouth that spoke out ... Continue Reading →