Several Holiday Hot Tips in Los Angeles

Like most cities, Los Angeles gets all glittery for the holidays and rolls out some festive activities. Here are few that look good; watch for our upcoming reviews. “Shambles” ... Continue Reading →

An Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt Together On Stage

Lyle Lovett has done a great job in the last couple years leveraging his relationship with several different songwriters to create thoroughly enjoyable double bills. ... Continue Reading →

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

This is a worthy sequel to one of the best Marvel films. In simple terms, the precocious little sister is left to grapple with the loss of her brother the king. When ... Continue Reading →

EISENHOWER: THIS PIECE OF GROUND at Theatre West showcases moral courage & leadership

REVIEW: EISENHOWER This Piece Of Ground starring John Rubinstein. Not since Give ‘em Hell Harry has a one-man show offered such surprising and timely insight to ... Continue Reading →

Don Randi legendary Wrecking Crew & Wall of Sound musician on #1 hits, tips & reunion concert

 THE WRECKING CREW set to play their golden hits Nov. 13 at El Portal Theatre with Don Randi at the piano   Working with everyone from Elvis to Sinatra, The ... Continue Reading →

ARTBOUND KCET’s documentary series spotlights overlooked creative souls

  KCET celebrated the 13th season of its original series ARTBOUND with a screening that premiered the documentary “Love & Rockets: The Great American Comic Book.” ... Continue Reading →

Hollywood stars event honoring Jason Ritter & Ritter Family at ‘Freeze HD’ charity gala Oct. 22

  The late great John Ritter would be proud to see his family honored for helping such a great cause The amazingly talented and charitable Ritter family, ... Continue Reading →

Legendary concert ‘THE WRECKING CREW’ playing their golden hits Nov. 13 at El Portal Theatre

Guitar great Don Peake talks about the special reunion   The Wrecking Crew, the original legendary musicians who helped change the sound of popular music with ... Continue Reading →