Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature at Denver Art Museum

Claude Monet steadily rises to the top of most beloved artists. A glimpse of one or two of his paintings spread across the globe easily confirm why. His love of color, perspective and ... Continue Reading →

The Last Leonardo, by Ben Lewis

The plural in the subtitle tells it all: “The Secret Lives of the World’s Most Expensive Painting.” Lewis has pulled off a relatively impossible feat, he has published a riveting ... Continue Reading →

How to Describe Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio?

Christo piqued interest in semi-inexplicable yet wondrous art projects. Acres of umbrellas in the desert east of Los Angeles, wrapping the Reichstag in Berlin, etc. How to describe ... Continue Reading →

The Monuments Men

In his fifth effort in the director’s chair, George Clooney has delivered another satisfying and thoughtful film. The Monuments Men tells the mostly true story of the US soldiers ... Continue Reading →

Brian Eno: 70 Million Ideas

Brian Eno: 70 Million Ideas Brian Eno is one of the more intriguing folks inhabiting our cultural landscape.  His early work as a keyboardist for the glam rocking Roxy Music ... Continue Reading →


Klapper Gallery presents "Michelangelo's Slaves" by Dr. Robert Klapper The press release states “Dr. Robert Klapper's debut exhibit at his 2-year old Klapper ... Continue Reading →


Backscatter. Create: Fixate’s Annual All Photography Show   There should have been more beanbags. If I have to say anything negative about Backscatter this last Saturday ... Continue Reading →


It's Beater-Lickin' Good It has long been my personal belief that ambience is the most important component involved in inspiring creativity.  A variety of factors come ... Continue Reading →