Several Holiday Hot Tips in Los Angeles

Like most cities, Los Angeles gets all glittery for the holidays and rolls out some festive activities. Here are few that look good; watch for our upcoming reviews. “Shambles” ... Continue Reading →

An Evening with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt Together On Stage

Lyle Lovett has done a great job in the last couple years leveraging his relationship with several different songwriters to create thoroughly enjoyable double bills. He put together ... Continue Reading →

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

This is a worthy sequel to one of the best Marvel films. In simple terms, the precocious little sister is left to grapple with the loss of her brother the king. When inevitably ... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW – Rock and Roll Warrior: My Misadventures with Alice Cooper, Prince, George Clinton, Living Colour, the Runaways, and More, by David Libert

As with the many books in the ever-growing pile of rock memoirs, the foundation story is intriguing. Before getting on to dishing the dirt about his encounters with big-name stars, ... Continue Reading →

BeachLife Ranch Country & Americana Festival Delivers a Wonderfully Pleasant Weekend of Music at the Shore

After several years on the same property, the location is perfectly seasoned for music festivals. Any prior glitches are in the past, and a smoothly run festival was enjoyed by ... Continue Reading →

Jazz Aspen Snowmass

Next time you are dreaming of bluebird ski days, alpine summer hikes, and all the other activities Aspen, Colorado has to offer, consider adding a music festival to that list. The ... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Seattle – Even if You Are Not a Music Lover

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest have a significant toehold when it comes to American music. The infamous “Louie Louie” (a staple of every rock band ever formed) was recorded ... Continue Reading →

The Beatles Move Into Collectible Coins

Over the years I have run a series of articles about how The Beatles can solve your Christmas gift giving dilemmas. It seems the four Liverpudlians can still do so, year round. The ... Continue Reading →