Bruce Cockburn at The Music Box

A jewel who has generously been shining and reflecting light for 50 years gave a mesmerizing performance at San Diego’s Music Box. His fans have grudgingly accepted that he may ... Continue Reading →

Stagecoach 2022

 The pent up demand after the Covid clampdown brought out the Stagecoach fans to Indio. Although the green grass from Coachella was mostly trampled down from the two preceding ... Continue Reading →

Hot Fun in the Summertime – Best of San Diego Summer Concerts

With the apparent easing of the Covid Clampdown, concert lovers are champing at the bit for a return to live music. Here is a run down of what looks to be the best gigs of the summer. Humphrey’s ... Continue Reading →

CES Update: Panasonic Automotive Powers First UL-Certified eBike with Totem USA

Regular readers will know that I have been following the e-bike sector for many years. It’s been fascinating to see the equivalent of Moore’s Law benefiting the e-bike sector. ... Continue Reading →

Vinyl Resurgence? Problem Solved by Andover Audio

 You’ve read about the vinyl resurgence in the music business, and you wonder what all the fuss is about. You had your heyday with vinyl, building up a nice collection ... Continue Reading →

The Power of the Dog

The uneasiness subtly evolves from the first few minutes. We don’t know where it’s headed, but we await.  Jonny Greenwood’s score consistently evokes the pervasive ... Continue Reading →

Chris Isaak – A Sure Thing at Humphrey’s

You know we are moving toward a more normal concert scenario when we are back at Humphrey’s and Chris Isaak is holding court. This time he only waited two songs instead of the usual ... Continue Reading →

“The Gardens of Anuncia” at The Old Globe Theatre

  The premise is appealing: an older women finds that her garden is a catalyst for exploring her memories. Through her chronological succession of vignettes, she looks back on ... Continue Reading →