State of U2: Podcasts, Book, Rehashed Songs, Letterman, Vegas Residency

Let’s talk about the band maybe we should call U2.0 or U2.2 There has been a well-coordinated confluence of activity from the band’s machine, run by the four lads from Dublin. Podcasts ... Continue Reading →

Summer in SoCal – Hot Tips For the Concertgoer

Those who live here and those who visit know we have some of the finest outdoor venues in the country. We also have some cool indoor spots as well, and here are gigs to which many ... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Hot Tips

In late November I am always asked by Santa for some gift giving suggestions. Similarly, folks usually ask me just after figuring out gift giving for Mother’s Day what they can ... Continue Reading →

Stagecoach 2023 – Complete Coverage Y’all

Stagecoach 2023 – Full Coverage Each year Goldenvoice fine tunes things to make Stagecoach even smoother. With this their 15th year, it was certainly not their first rodeo. A ... Continue Reading →

Longest Range E-Bike Should Recalibrate the Business

I have been following the e-Bike sector for many years. Like every other technological development, we see improvement in functionality and reduction in price. On the near horizon ... Continue Reading →

Relive The Highwaymen This Week at Belly Up

Most aficionados of music know The Highwaymen were comprised of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson. It was a supergroup that cut across genres. On ... Continue Reading →

A Chat with Ronnie Marmo, Author and Performer of the Upcoming I’M NOT A COMEDIAN… I’M LENNY BRUCE

Next month for two likely sell out performances comes a one man show that has received consistent sell outs around the country. At the North Coast Repertory Theatre lucky attendees ... Continue Reading →

Elton John and the Alliance for Lifetime Income Continue Their “Yellow Brick Road to Financial Freedom” Partnership

I have been watching with interest one of the most intriguing developments in music and sponsorships for the last several years. In 2021 the Alliance for Lifetime Income first ... Continue Reading →