Bear Walker, Marvel Superheroes, Skateboards and the Gulf Shore – Quite a Venn Diagram

I had a chance to chat with Bear Walker noted skateboard designer from his headquarters in Daphne, Alabama about the evolution of his world famous work. At the outset I was curious ... Continue Reading →


TAKE ME TO THE RIVER NEW ORLEANS, which celebrates the rich musical history, the heritage, legacy,and influence of New Orleans and Louisiana music through live sessionswith local artists, ... Continue Reading →

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci Shimmer at The Old Globe

Having just returned from Italy and having just finished reading The Agony and The Ecstasy, I was eager to see this play. It does an admirable job of giving us a glimpse into the inscrutable ... Continue Reading →

The Ferryman To Open the New Conrad Prebys Theatre

Theatre fans are in for a massive treat. The first production in the newly renamed Conrad Prebys Theatre at the Dea Hurston New Village Arts Center is the 2019 Tony Award winning Best ... Continue Reading →

A Peek Behind the Curtain of Industry Leader Quickplay

The evolving media landscape is always a fascinating study. I had a chance to speak with Paul Pastor, who gave me a glimpse behind the evolution of Hulu, which set the stage for ... Continue Reading →

An Argument for NOT Reading “The Philosophy of Modern Song” by Bob Dylan – Instead Listen to It

Helen Mirren, reading Bob Dylan’s description of Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up.” What’s not to like? Or John Goodman waxing eloquently about the Jewish tailor who ... Continue Reading →

Blues in The Night – North Coast Repertory Theatre

What a great refresher of our musical heritage. Often considered America’s only indigenous art form, jazz was the foundation for blues, R&B, and eventually rock ‘n’ ... Continue Reading →

White Noise

The film’s title can be taken several different ways, perhaps a description of Caucasian, middle-class suburban angst. More likely, the title refers to the ratio between signal ... Continue Reading →