Secret Room Events has Beauty Bar & Luxury Lounge for Oscars 1015

Secret Rooms Events (photos by Margie Barron)

Secret Rooms Events (photos by Margie Barron)

It’s party down in Hollywood during Oscar season when celebrities make their pilgrimage to the trendy gifting suites to be pampered and endowed with lots of goodies. The sponsors provide the stars with fabulous products and services, and the stars share their spotlight with the businesses trying to market their cool stuff to a wider audience.

One of the outstanding red carpet experiences is the Secret Room Events which presented its Oscar season 2015 Beauty Bar & Luxury Lounge. It truly was “a luxurious invite only event showcasing the finest in products and beauty services to Hollywood’s celebrities and media,” as host Amy Boatwright described. It was great exposure for impressive designers, manufacturers and vendors.

The affair was very family friendly—in fact it promoted getting in touch with your family tree through Ancestry DNA (visit, which offered a world of discovery through their DNA kit that charts a person’s unique ethnic origins and history.

That was something special for a gifting lounge, but the most unique sponsor was BelliVita, which creates an amazing keepsake. They make a mold of a woman’s pregnant tummy and turn the casting into a blown glass belly-bowl. It is a gorgeous work of art to be put on display. Check out



Young stars were there thrilled to receive the Alphabet Kids book series ( for children that promote tolerance as they follow the adventures of multi-culturally diverse kids. That certainly was supportive of some of the more passionate Oscars acceptance speeches this year.

Also represented was Imperial Fine Books ( promoting their stellar collection of classic leather bound book sets.

To keep kids big and small healthy, Fiber Choice ( had their Immunity Support and Metabolism & Energy Fruity Bites for everyone. It’s a yummy/gummy way to stay healthy. were promoting digestive health with a blend of nature’s remedies. And Muller’s delicious ice cream inspired yogurt varieties were popular snacks. The Calorease weight management aid was also promoted. And Nuwati Herbals ( offered its “Healer Tea” that Native American founder Rod Jackson says is a “natural remedy from the medicine cabinet of Mother Earth.”



It seems funny to praise No Mo “O”—an odor and stain eliminator, but the company’s founder Bonny Parker, based in Savannah, Georgia, has really come up with a product that works and saves a lot of embarrassment for pets and/or people. Visit to find out more.

No Mo "O"

No Mo “O”

A favorite of the stars is Revitalash to look picture perfect, and they had a new eyebrow enhancer. Pint-size performers were seen getting manicures, pedicures, and new hairdos alongside the grownup celebs and VIPs thanks to the beauty lounge set up by Toni & Guy – hair services, braid bar, make-up, manicures, pedicures, massage and lash applications. While being pampered, guests sipped on wine from Chile and had a “think drink” called Brain Toniq ( And there were chakra readings from Life Portraits.

The luxury lounge at the W Hotel in Westwood did offer the finest in exciting new products and services, and food and beverage were provided by the Wolfgang Puck Co. That’s so Hollywood! #

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