Celebrities gather for fashion and beauty event

Sue Wong Fashions

Sue Wong Fashions (all photos by Margie Barron)

Prior to this year’s MTV Movie Awards, celebrities and VIPs gathered at the Secret Room Events Style Lounge at the SLS Hotel and discovered the event benefited a special cause—Rock It 4 Reef.

The Rock It 4 Reef charity was set up to help a little boy, Reef Carneson who at the tender age of six is bravely battling cancer. He has endured leukemia and a bone marrow transplant. He now suffers from Graft Versus Host Disease and skin cancer. Yet he still loves to dance to Pharrell’s “Happy” song. His parents moved from their native South Africa to Los Angeles for Children’s Hospital’s life-saving treatments for their son. And the Secret Room Events hosts (kudos to Rita Branch) deserve recognition and hugs for raising donations and helping this plucky kid.

Also part of the awesome media event were some of today’s most fashionable and luxurious companies, products and pampering services. Dr. Jason Emer, beauty specialist, revealed his caring nature and performed on-site treatments with amazing results. Happy celebs got gift certificates for Dr. Emer’s Beverly Hills-based office. Fashion icon Sue Wong was showing off her latest collection of dazzling red carpet styles that embraced old Hollywood glamour.

American Sniper's WileyX Eyewear

American Sniper’s WileyX Eyewear

The eye-catching Wiley X Eyewear, seen in the film American Sniper, let celebs choose from a range of its men’s and women’s premium protection line. There were Lisi Lerch earrings. Speck handed out hard cased for the iPhone 6 and the iPad mini. The Underground Chic had stylish handbags made from recycled plastic bottles.

author Barb Lawson Miller

author Barb Lawson Miller

Guests could research their family history with the AncestryDNA kit from Ancestry.com. The roots-uncovering company teamed with the trendy Half Breed Clothing line that celebrates everyone’s differences and mix of ancestry. Highlighting family was author Barb Lawson-Miller and her Barb-A-Mel Books, which are kids’ books that parents can personalize by inserting their own pictures to tell their own stories with titles like “I Love Mommy Because…” Also for kids were Total Dreamz colorful “sleepy lights” by Aloka Designs in butterfly shapes, rockets, dragons, etc.; and Cheero power chargers.

Beauty for Moi Ioma-Paris

Beauty for Moi Ioma-Paris

Numerous skincare products were featured including the “Beauty for Moi” line from www.ioma-paris.com; Cellusana; EMK Beverly Hills with its botanical placenta ingredients; Santa Monica’s Tikkun Holistic Spa; and Karen’s Japanese skincare line at Karensproduct.com. Joey New York launched the “This N That” multi-use liquid beauty fix that targets 15 different skin problems. Le Jolie Medi Spa showcased their health and beauty services.

TikkunSpa Karensproduct.com

TikkunSpa Karensproduct.com

New York matchmaker Matt Titus was gifting his new fragrance collection, Y.O.U. with the scents called Yourself, Outrageous and Unique. Effi Foods [Effi stands for Eco Friendly Foods Initiative] had tasty-healthy probiotic snack bars, a must for stars on-the-go. #

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