BeachLife Executive Discusses Building a Great Music Festival at the Shore + Free Live Stream!

With the proliferation of music festivals across the nation, Southern California not surprisingly has a bounty of options. With Coachella and Stagecoach to the east, KAABOO to the south and a handful in greater Los Angeles, BeachLife evokes the vibe of the sand and surf. I am looking forward to seeing artists like Dawes, Wille Nelson and Bob Weir. But the palm trees will certainly provide the perfect atmosphere for Steel Pulse, Brian Wilson, Ziggy Marley and Poncho Sanchez.

You can live stream the festival here, while reading the rest of the article.

I was able to chat with Katie Henley, Director of Marketing for BeachLife about the origins of the festival and how it has evolved.

Brad: What was the impetus behind BeachLife?

Katie: BeachLife Festival is the brainchild of Allen Sanford, owner of concert venues and restaurants in the South Bay and Westside. He also produced the Hermosa Beach Summer Concert Series every year for a decade. He had the vision of going bigger and better, and bringing the A-list talent to the beach cities. With the unwavering support of the Redondo Beach City and our amazing sponsors, his vision became a reality. He brought together a dedicated team of event professionals/wild maniacs (such as myself): who love live music with their whole heart. Thus, starting a revolution. This is a first-of-it’s kind festival. We are doing stuff our way, and it’s awesome. 

What went into choosing the venue? Was it venue first, then the concept?

It was concept first and then venue. Allen had this BeachLife idea for awhile. And the Seaside Lagoon had always hosted events on a smaller scale, but Allen thought: hey, lets go bigger and build around it too. So we did. 

What was the biggest surprise this far in the planning process?

The biggest surprise to me was how much work this actually entailed! haha! We are literally creating an event out of thin air. So we have to educate the fans on what we are, first. Then we have to entice them to buy tickets. With all the stupid Fyre Fest nonsense circulating on social media, there’s a lot of “Buyer Beware” messaging surrounding festivals. But let me assure you: we have a venue, a lineup, and all the amenities. And I swear we’ve never even met Jah Rule and Billy whats his name. Give us some credit, here! 

Your thoughts on how BeachLife will differ from other festivals.

BeachLife is a unique concept for so many reasons. Nothing like this has been done in the South Bay before. Multi stages and legendary artists for starters. But we’ve added some incredible extra elements! The night before the festival, we are hosting the World Surf League’s Big Wave Awards, flying in pro surfers from all over the globe. They’ll all be hanging out throughout the event, and some also performing! (Check out Rob Machado’s band on Friday. Sick!) We are designing a pop-up restaurant on the side of the main stage: featuring celebrity chefs. We are hosting intimate performances aboard a luxury charity yacht to raise funds for our charity partners. Throw in the Rooftop Pool Party, interactive art exhibits, craft beer and wine villages, and some exciting surprise guests…This festival is morphing into the biggest event of the year!

Any innovations, such as ticketing, patron services, etc?

Some other cool innovations include on-site concierge services for our top tiered ticketholders, elevated viewing decks, live streaming from every stage, the ability to choose what charity partner you donate your ticket $$ to…really cool stuff. I hope everyone is as stoked on this event as I am. It’s a labor of love to say the least! Buy your tickets now at See you in May!

Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.