Stand Up at Your Desk – Before, During and After the Clampdown

Long before we were banished to home, we knew that endless hours sitting at your desk was a recipe for all sorts of bad things. With many folks now hunkering down at home, the prospect ... Continue Reading →

Jabra Elite 75t Offers an Ideal Balance of Comfort and Performance

The time is ideal to leverage the advances in technology when it comes to compact wireless form factors. Jabra has long been at the leading edge of mobility, and their Elite 75t represents ... Continue Reading →

Clearobo – Robot Vacuum Cleaner for my Jetsons House

Clearobo – Robot Vacuum Cleaner for my Jetsons House They promised us jetpacks. They promised us robots. They promised us four day work weeks. A few of those things are finally on ... Continue Reading →

Meze Headphones – A Strong Contender in Quality Headphones

We have discovered the factory issued earbuds that accompany smartphones are an abomination when it comes to enjoying the music the way the artist created their work. The technology ... Continue Reading →

ZAGG Answers Your Questions About What to do With Your New iPhone

Santa delivered a ton of new iPhones last week, and many folks are wondering what to do next. Other than learning what new tricks the disciples of Jony Ive at Apple have dreamt up for ... Continue Reading →

Fenix Store BC21R LED Bike Light – The Smart Move for Safety First and Design a Close Second

Savvy bike riders know that even in the bright light of midday, a strong light is an astute safety feature. Among the myriad options on offer in the marketplace, what you want is a ... Continue Reading →

Santa’s Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Every year Santa gets inundated with letters and wish lists. One year, Santa received a list on Christmas Eve and he had to tell his little daughter that the real Santa could not work ... Continue Reading →

Donny O’Malley – Using Dark Humor to Help Veterans

I had a chance to chat with Donny O’Malley about he helps fellow vets with dark humor. He is the founder of VET Tv, a subscription based media company with a unique business model. O’Malley ... Continue Reading →