Dreame T-30 – Time to Leverage Great Design with Powerful Performance for Clean Up

By now even the nastiest piles of snow should be melted, and spring is clean up time. Whether your TO DO list includes thinning the herd of stuff in your attic or emptying the garage of things you have not touched in years, getting a nifty vacuum for regular household use should be on your list.

The Dreame T-30 has been tested in our house, and it delivers on many promises.

With outstanding power (“It really sucks!” exclaimed my wife happily), and crisp modern design, this vacuum has become part of our favorite household cleaning routine.

Many folks of a certain age maintain a memory of bulky vacuum cleaners, lumpy Hoovers to be hauled out of closets, lugged from room to room, with the dreary and seemingly endless chore of cleaning up dust bunnies.

Taking a page out of a far more modern design aesthetic, the folks at Dreame have delivered a cordless stick design that is not only more versatile but more enjoyable than your Mother’s vacuum workhorse.

It has often been the case that cordless meant less power, which translated to more time needed to clean, with consequent depletion of battery.

Not so with the T-30. Boasting an impressive 150,000 RPM and a ­­90 minute run-time between charges, the vacuum packs a powerful punch into your cleaning routine. Understandably, if you use the maximum “turbo mode” run time is significantly less.

The 5 layer filtration system couples with an ingenious “auto adapt cleaning mode.” The result is that the machine can detect micro dust and adjust suction automatically within a half second between floors and carpets. The multi-cycle separation filters “99.67% of micro particles” such as pollen and bacteria, according to the manufacturer. I have no way to conduct such detailed measurements, but I have a high level of confidence that surfaces are far cleaner with the T-30 than our older unit.

Despite all the power packed into the T-30, the 8 layer noise reduction system (including a brushless motor) means you won’t be partaking of a far less melodious Deep Purple concert. The makers included a smart cooling design, which further extends run time (warmth depletes batteries faster).

The well-designed anti-tangle brush is contained in a clear, multi-pivot housing. That enables almost any cleaning need as well as a window into productivity. There is something gratifying seeing the crap sucked into the brush housing and into the translucent receptacle.

The freedom from cords has resulted in a cleaner interior to our cars.

The ultralight carbon wand lets you easily reach up to vacuum areas often ignored. A smart HD screen provides available run time and other operational functions, including when to clean the reusable, removable filter.

The lithium-ion battery pack is detachable for ease of recharging. The slender design of the unit and accessories provides a greater likelihood that storage constraints will be eased.

Everything detaches and attaches with a confident ‘click,’ and I appreciate the overall design with each use.

Clearly, we will be using the T-30 for more than annual spring cleaning.

More information can be found here.



Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.