Land – Robin Wright Goes it Almost Alone

Robin Wright very astutely and adroitly negotiated a position behind the camera as “House of Cards” became successful. Scrutiny of the credits on other shows reveals similar strategies. For ... Continue Reading →

The Dig

On the cusp of World War 2 a widow hires a chap to explore the massive dirt mounds on her estate. Ralph Fiennes superbly plays Basil Brown, a so-called excavator. That understates ... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

  Denzel Washington is in the rarified atmosphere where he can choose with discrimination the projects in which he becomes involved. That generally means, if you have liked him ... Continue Reading →

Ballsy and Cheeky – Cleansing and Emollients for Men

There is a veritable tsunami of choices men face when it comes to taking care of their skin. It is becoming evident that a cheeky attitude works in myriad contexts (a trip to London ... Continue Reading →

Making Sushi at Home is Not So Far Out of Reach

Several developments have accelerated initiatives like home delivery of quality fish: the ongoing refinement of the global supply chain and the black swan of Covid. Many of us have ... Continue Reading →


Tom Hanks has always had an affinity for the printed word (he is crazy for typewriters], so the idea of playing a guy in 1870 who goes from town to town in Texas reading the newspaper ... Continue Reading →

Elton John – Jewel Box: All the Way to the Back Shelves of His Huge Vault

The climb to the toppermost of the poppermost includes compilations and collections, the most perilous and hence most intriguing of which contain odds ‘n sods and random obscurios. With ... Continue Reading →

Real Oyster Cult – Is There a Better Name or a Better Way to Get Fresh Oysters Delivered?

I was looking for something unique for a holiday meal, and the folks at Real Oyster Cult had just the answer. They sent along a sampler box of fresh oysters, along with a pair of shucking ... Continue Reading →