Sprout: The Audio Antidote to Too Much Choice

The proliferation of choice wrought by the digital explosion has resulted in the pendulum understandably swinging back toward a realization that less is more. Sprout is an incredibly ... Continue Reading →

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 – What is Hip

The annual gathering of the tech cognoscenti occurred last week in Las Vegas. I will gather here some general observations, and in future installments I will dive more deeply into several ... Continue Reading →

Moving From PC to Apple – Part One

After a few decades in the PC world, I made the shift to the world Steve Jobs built. I am now an Apple kinda guy, at least as far as laptops go. Future installments will cover my migration ... Continue Reading →

6 Best Father’s Day Gifts: 2014 Guide

There is no doubt that the Father’s Day gifts I like the best and have kept the longest are the one my daughters made for me. If you are shopping for Dad, make him something and get ... Continue Reading →

Refurbishing the Sound in a Classic Car

When I received my driver’s license back in the day, one of the first things I did with the family car was to convince my Dad that the factory installed radio needed a major overhaul. ... Continue Reading →

Consumer Electronics Show 2014: A Few Observations

As part of my annual coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show, here are some initial reactions. From all over the world 150,000 people descended into Las Vegas to check out each other’s ... Continue Reading →

Etymotic Custom Earphones

If you have been to a concert in the last few years, you will have noticed that the musicians are often wearing form fitted earphones. This affords the musician the ability to control ... Continue Reading →

The Atlantic Meets The Pacific

I have attended a range of conferences. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a sensory overload with tens of thousands of attendees. The burgeoning availability of online access ... Continue Reading →