Jane Kaczmarek and daughter Frances Whitford

American Ballet Theatre – Stars Under the Stars

The magnificent Beverly Hills estate of Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker (heir to the Hyatt hotel fortune) was the perfect setting for the American Ballet Theatre’s celebration ... Continue Reading →
Placido Domingo (Giorgio Germon) in La Traviata

Art Deco Traviata Opens L.A. Social Season

The official opening of the Social Season always commences with the Opening of the L.A. Opera, and this year it was a return to the Gaiety, Glory, & Grandeur of the ... Continue Reading →
"Gotham" courtesy of Fox

Gotham starts with a dark night in a big city

The much anticipated Fox TV series Gotham starts with a dark night in a big city. But there’s no sign of Batman anywhere. Although Batman in DC Comics and “The Dark ... Continue Reading →
Kate Blumberg as “Miriam” and Todd Weeks as “Daniel”

Kingdom City – La Jolla Playhouse

It has been a while since I have seen a play in which each of the six characters are so sharply drawn. In fact, each character evolves throughout the arc of the play in ... Continue Reading →
Hands of Glory [photo by Jonathan B. Auerbach]

Andrew Bird Landing at Hollywood Bowl

Even though the temperatures don’t show any sign of abating, summer is winding down.  And that means the string of great shows at the Hollywood Bowl is nearing an end ... Continue Reading →
Anthony Griffith, Actor/Come​dian with Radio Personalit​y, Jillian Escoto at Dinner of Champions

Dinner of Champions & Emmy Style Party

Our own Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel was the venue for the 39th Annual Dinner of Champions, which raises funds for MS Research & Programs. This year Pam Kehaly, ... Continue Reading →
Elvis Costello - no longer a busker (photo by Andy Gotts)

Elvis Costello and The Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl

On his second night at the esteemed venue, Costello again cleverly opened his set with the lyrics “Oh I just don’t know where to begin.” Although he was a bit ... Continue Reading →
photo by Carly Auerbach

Pangkor Laut – Malaysia’s Luxury Island Resort Par Excellence

Pangkor Laut – Malaysia’s Island Luxury Resort Par Excellence It was 16 years ago when we last visited Pangkor Laut. It has always been a long-standing dream to return ... Continue Reading →