Caamp Shines at the Wiltern

The band has come a long way from their early years developing their guitar and banjo sound after college in Ohio. A long way, but not in years. Their recent performance at The Wiltern was from a well-developed ensemble.

Caamp was originally a duo, comprised of Taylor Meier and Evan Westfall. Matt Vinson subsequently joined on bass.

Caamp energetically opened their show with “Just Wondering” and soon followed with “Huckleberry Love.” The latter is a jammy dance song with a groove that had everyone going, as did “No Sleep.” 

Photos by Ellie Auerbach

Meier’s raspy voice was evocative throughout, and he really hit his stride with “Autumn Leaves.”

As the story goes, once Vinson returned from Denmark and became Caamp’s third member, the trio wrote “On and On and On.” In concert, Meier set aside his guitar to focus on delivering a compelling take of the song. 

The slower pace of “So Long, Honey” revealed the band’s versatility, and it proved to be the first high point of the show.  

The band’s roots were described in “Ohio,” which was soon followed by the second high point of the show. “Peach Fuzz” has the addictive strummed guitar reminiscent of Lou Reed, and the audience was jumping. The second half of the song bubbled with a soaring guitar solo.

The encore and show closed with “Going to the Country,” seeing Meier shift to the drums. Caamp has evolved magnificently from their early scuffling days.

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