SoPo Seafood Delivers Fresh Maine Seafood to Your Door – Delicious!

With a newfound love of oysters, we were delighted to shift our usual gaze from Seattle to the far corner of the country.

SoPo Seafood is a seafood market, raw bar and wholesaler based in South Portland, Maine. They “source and supply high-quality seasonal and sustainable fresh seafood for discerning chefs and seafood lovers in Maine and beyond.” 

Indeed, we received their shipment of oysters, caviar and crab expeditiously in San Diego, about as far a continental trip this seafood could make.

And boy howdy, were these nautical visitors welcome!

Having learned how to serve oysters a year ago, there was a whole lotta shuckin’ going on for a couple days. 

We started with the Wynnegance oysters, which had a nice tart and briny flavor. Purists eschew any enhancements, but we like preparing a few condiments. My wife chopped up some red onion with white wine vinegar, and then some fresh horseradish to go with wedges of lemon. These additions added to the variety of the flavor profile across the different oysters.

The John’s Rivers were a bit smoother and less sharp in taste. We were licking our chops.

We then turned our sights on the fresh lump crab, and decided to riff by taking some sliced lightly toasted baguette with a bit of butter and garlic salt as a bed for the crab meat. The crab meat was perfectly delicate and delightful alone, but when coupled with a few extra flavors it became addictive.

Back to the oysters we turned, and I began shucking the Madeline’s. These bivalves were bulkier, with far more meat and well packed in their tough shell. They were far more challenging to shuck, but so worth it. We also loved the Mere Point and Wet Smacks, each distinctive and addictive.

To finish, we eyed the caviar, which was wonderful. The salmon row burst with flavor after the slight crunch of bursting the shell. The vibrant orange color was other worldly. 

The coast of Maine has been home to fishermen, clam-diggers, scallopers, shellfish-farmers, and lobstermen for generations. The friendly folks at SoPo Seafood pack at the dock and ship same day. The three founders have been buying and selling seafood in Maine for over 40 combined years, so they know the territory. 

With all the chatter about supply chain issues, I’d urge you to plan your order soon. 

We will be doing so for the holidays!

Website and further information here.

Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.