FOREVER BROOKLYN stars Yisrael Dubov on a funny nostalgic journey

FOREVER BROOKLYN is about a kid growing up with a quirky family in Brooklyn. He wins hearts as a Catskills comic, and achieves his dreams of stardom. The show plays the Monroe Forum in NoHo’s El Portal Theatre, June 10-25, 2023

FOREVER BROOKLYN is an ultra-entertaining, funny and sweet theatrical experience. It is a one-man show with comedy and music about Melvin Kaplofkis, who grows up in Brooklyn during the 1950s surrounded by wonderful characters. His quirky family is less than supportive of his yearning to become a Catskills comic, and his neighborhood also has a way of putting the kibosh on lofty dreams. Still there is a surprising outcome of triumph.

 The show is nostalgic storytelling at its best, with Melvin taking the audience on his bumpy journey to stardom, imitating all the colorful folks along the way.

 In addition to the comedy, a big ‘wow’ moment from the show is when Melvin sings the beautiful traditional jewish music and melts the hearts of the tough Catskills audience.

 Written and directed by Mark Wesley Curran, Forever Brooklyn stars Yisrael Dubov. Curran says, “It was key to this show to find the right actor to play Melvin, a singer with comic timing, someone who can do the dialogue for multiple characters, and a gifted storyteller who can tap into your emotions. I found that with the multi-talented Yisrael Dubov.”

 The casting of Dubov as Melvin was meant to be. Curran explains, “It was divine. During the casting process Yisrael showed up and said, ‘I’m your guy.’ And he was right. It’s not easy to find somebody to fill that role. It’s very specific. You have to have a lot of different talents to play him, especially a love of tradition. Who could be better than Israel Dubov? He is fantastic in the role.”

Yisrael Dubov

  A young award-winning Meisner-trained actor, Dubov says, “Everything in my background has come together for this role in Forever Brooklyn. My father (the noted Chabad Rabbi Sholom Dubov) is from Brooklyn and we spent a lot of time there. A little piece of every character in the show is someone I’ve known from my life. No matter your background, we’ll all be able to connect to these people. And I believe this show can lead to better understanding. When we take the time to get to know strangers we can discover they are just like us. The more we show how we’re alike, the more we can bring people together with laughter, music and stories.”

 It is interesting to note that Yisrael Dubov is an ordained Rabbi, “but not a pulpit Rabbi,” he explains, pursuing a career in entertainment instead.

  Dubov says, “I started embracing comedy when I was very young, and I learned about old comedians like Jackie Mason, listening to his album over and over again, and as a little boy I could recite his routines by heart for the amusement of my family. I’m always making jokes and have a true appreciation of the old Catskills comics. I love how this show puts me back in time and puts me in their shoes.”

 Curran says, “Come to the Monroe Forum at the El Portal Theatre. We will be there to share the Jewish traditions of the Catskills, comedy, music, family, dreams, and more. This is an honor for me to present Forever Brooklyn starring Yisrael Dubov. And I feel blessed to have Ron Kurtz as my production partner, and the El Portal’s Pegge Forrest and Jay Irwin giving us the opportunity to showcase it in their theatre. Come and enjoy.”

 FOREVER BROOKLYN plays the Monroe Forum at the El Portal Theatre and runs Saturdays and Sundays from June 10 through June 25, 2023, matinees at 3 pm, evenings at 7:30 pm. For tickets or call the box office at (818) 508-4200. The El Portal Theatre is located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood, California.

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