Level Up Your Cleaning Technology: Dreame Bot L10 Pro Vacuum and Mop



We have been really enthused about levelling up our cleaning technology around the house. What had been drudgery is now closer to what we were promised as kids watching The Jetsons. The hours previously spent in manual labor getting the house cleaned up have been reduced, leaving more time to get out and enjoy the sunnier days of a potentially less Covid spring and summer.

One of the most enjoyable cleaning technologies is the one we touch the least, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro. There is little likelihood robotic technology will soon replace the dreaded scrubbing of grimy plates, but when it comes to floor surfaces, we are now living with a shinier result. With far less effort.

The advances in robot vacuums have resulted in better performance at a lower price. The L10 Pro manifests that development in myriad ways. The brushless motor has 4 suction modes, with an extensive 2.5 hour runtime. There are many features packed into its sub-$400 price point.

Past robot vacuums suffered from wasteful tracking patterns, but the improved Lidar navigation and 3D environment mapping is evident in the L10 Pro. Even in low light, the little round robot detects and avoids objects, all while mapping the terrain. The L10 Pro is only 4″tall. Coupled with the available app as well as Alexa voice control, we are able to direct more exact route and location planning. The app lets us name rooms, thereby improving efficiency (with our daughter off at college her room needs far less attention, so we establish a virtual wall at her bedroom door that the L10 Pro avoids).

I enjoy sitting back like George Jetson while the L10 Pro goes through its paces. The multi-stage noise reduction design makes cleaning far more pleasant. When the L10 Pro gets tired, er…low on battery level, it automatically heads back to its base to recharge.

By coupling mop functionality, the L10 Pro gets floors fresh. The water tank carefully controls the amount of moisture needed, to ensure no oversaturation.

By ably detecting different floor surfaces, the L10 Pro covers our house with aplomb.

Now, where’s my jetpack?


More information here: https://www.dreame-technology.com/products/l10-prelaunch




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