KEF Continues to Push the Audiophile Boundaries of Excellence

KEF has long been one of the sterling brands in high fidelity audio. The British firm has continued to innovate in the speaker category, most recently with their vaunted line of Kent Foundry speakers.

I was interested in checking out their new Wireless Space One headphones with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling. With sterling input from Porsche Design, the headphones are as beautiful as they are functional.

My Space One Wireless headphones arrived at the right time – just before my trip to Jamaica. They are elegantly packaged, with an awareness of the critical out-of-box experience. Laying out the accessories, I discovered a charging cable, two dual headphone jacks, and a very nice travel case.

I thought I’d try the headphones hard wired first. Cueing up some Black Uhuru, I plugged one end into my laptop headphone jack and the other into the headphones. Not bad sound but troubling in that the left speaker was louder than the right. Ugh.

I retraced my steps, tinkering with the connections. Headphone jack to computer felt fine. Headphone jack to headphone felt a bit loose. My bad – I pushed on the plug more firmly then whoooooaaa. Full contact mon! The range of sound enthralled my ears like I had just stepped inside a live show.

Reggae is the way to experience the full range of a pair of headphones. The Space One Wireless produces crisp highs and a full base. Robbie Shakespeare could have been playing right there in my office.
After sound quality, the wireless feature is the second best feature of the Space One Wireless. The headphones synch up quickly.
After a little wireless easy skanking around the room, I felt confident that the Space One Wireless Headphones would be a welcome friend on my trip.
Available at Amazon, Newegg, KEF Direct and at participating KEF Dealers, the Space Ones seem a bit more compact that either the Bose or Beats wireless offerings. A soft and breathable memory foam ear-cup seals out outside sound, creating an ideal listening environment. Inside the relatively light weight of the headphones are 40mm drivers tuned by KEF engineers, together with a large 20mm neodymium magnet and lightweight CCAW voice coil delivers. You can take phone calls while Bob Marley or other music is being enjoyed. The only suggested change is a more pronounced switch to turn on noise cancelling, but once you know where the switch is, one can sit back and let the good vibes flow.

Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.