Jurassic World–The Ride a mega-thrill at Universal Studios Hollywood

The new “JURASSIC WORLD—THE RIDE” opened at Universal Studios Hollywood, adding to Universal’s world of fun, food and fantastic entertainment “Jurassic World” just got ... Continue Reading →

The Mountain – Jeff Goldblum as a Lobotomizer and Womanizer

The lugubrious pace, the well framed scenes, the casually exact sets and the gently unnerving storyline in “The Mountain” remind us of David Lynch’s influence. The Pacific Northwest ... Continue Reading →

El Capitan – The Venue of Choice for Full Bore Film Enjoyment

When a film breaks box office records, two things are certain: it is appealing to a broader demographic than just kids and it is showing at more than one theatre.  At this point, “The ... Continue Reading →

The Lion King – A Regal Remake

Film remakes can be dodgy affairs. Those that don’t work get relegated to the mists of time, and those that succeed rise to the top. “A Star is Born” is enjoying its fourth incarnation, ... Continue Reading →

David Crosby: Remember My Name

Establishing the new standard by which future tell-all, fully transparent rock documentaries will be compared, David Crosby: Remember My Name is a remarkable achievement. Always the ... Continue Reading →

Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes – Film Review

The film successfully builds a bridge. With reflections from jazz lions like Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock, the foundation of the crucial jazz label is built. Musicians signed more ... Continue Reading →

Yesterday – All the Beatles Seemed So Far Away

  What a clever premise for a film – everyone but our hero wakes up never knowing The Beatles. In our house the Beatles seem to be everywhere: we saw Paul McCartney in concert ... Continue Reading →

Toy Story 4 – Improbably Successful

Most purists understand that a multipart story is best presented as a trilogy. George Lucas decided to go that route with Star Wars, presenting a series of trilogies. Yet here comes ... Continue Reading →