The Gentlemen – Guy Ritchie In Full Effect

Guy Ritchie has carved out a clever niche for himself: the British caper-crime-thriller with just the right dash of humo(u)r. If you admired any of his prior films (especially ‘Lock, ... Continue Reading →

Western Stars – Springsteen’s Cinematic View of America

I am up there when it comes to being a fan of Bruce Springsteen. He is in my amorphous list of artists whose every new release I am ready to devour and presumably love. What I have ... Continue Reading →

Bad Boys for Life

    When a certain formula works, you stick with it, trying to shape it gently so that it is sufficiently interesting for the already-convinced fan, yet not too far afield that ... Continue Reading →


  One of the most astounding technical feats in recent cinema actually melts away, in favor of the story. That is rarely the case with technical breakthroughs, but in 1917 the ... Continue Reading →

Just Mercy

In the midst of awards season comes a film that will not be forgotten in the next round. “Just Mercy” tells the story of Bryan Stevenson, a Harvard Law School grad who eschewed ... Continue Reading →

UNCUT GEMS – Adam Sandler Stretches His Wings

  Long known for his goofy and generally lovable character, Sandler here explores the other end of the spectrum. As Howard Ratner, Sandler plays a hustler in Manhattan’s jewelry ... Continue Reading →

Little Women – The Best of Seven Prior Versions

  Greta Gerwig goes from strength to strength. Her prior film “Lady Bird” met with understandable kudos, and now she offers a Christmas gift with her reworking of ... Continue Reading →

Bombshell – A Very Timely Film

Every so often, the stars align and the timing for release of a film overlaps with headlines on the front pages of the news. In 1979 The China Syndrome was released just as Three Mile ... Continue Reading →