Awards Season Diverse Celeb Gifting at Secret Room Events

Diversity was in the spotlight at the 88th Academy Awards, with host Chris Rock going overboard flooding the show with waves of sharp humor on the targeted issue. But no one could ... Continue Reading →

Oscar-nominated Bryan Cranston already a winner

Before the Oscars were handed out at the 88th Academy Awards, Bryan Cranston was already a winner. Cranston had his first Academy Award nomination this year for playing the title role ... Continue Reading →

Super-cool Bruce Campbell & Black Sabbath get Eyegore Awards at Universal Studios

  Bruce Campbell is usually the coolest dude in the room, but at the annual Eyegore Awards Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler were also in da house, and even they ... Continue Reading →

South Africa – Outstanding Music and Wine at Solms-Delta

The South African wine country is a wonderful place to visit after the cosmopolitan nature of Cape Town. Inevitably, one compares the Cape Winelands to Napa Valley.  Both are in striking ... Continue Reading →

Best of 2012 Palm Springs Short Film Festival

The 18th annual Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and Film Market, the largest festival of its kind in this country, completed its run June 19-25 and this writer’s ... Continue Reading →

M. Damon Receives Cinematheque Awards

Hollywood Beat, April 27, 2010 Matt Damon Receives American Cinematheque Award   Matt Damon Receives American Cinematheque Award Established in 1981, American ... Continue Reading →

Oscar Nominated Shorts On Display

Oscar Nominated Live Action/Animated Shorts On Display Of the myriad short live action and animated films submitted around the world for the Academy Awards, the ten that made the ... Continue Reading →


        I have been compiling my Top Ten films for long enough to know that there are certain patterns at work. I am moved by a variety of work and look for films ... Continue Reading →