Ray Davies, Americana – The Kinks, The Riff, The Road: The Story

Ray Davies, Americana – The Kinks, The Riff, The Road: The Story (Sterling) Over time, Ray Davies has proven himself as one of the truly remarkable musicians to emerge from the ... Continue Reading →

“A Survivor’s Guide To Hollywood” from Robin Riker helps navigate your career and life

If you’d like some help navigating your career challenges and maybe even improve your life, there’s a book by actress Robin Riker called “A Survivor’s Guide to Hollywood.” ... Continue Reading →

Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book Educates Women on Fitness and Eating Natural Foods

      By David Riess and Karen Jackson   Actress and former model Cameron Diaz (star of the hit movies: There’s Something About Mary, The Mask, The Charlie’s ... Continue Reading →

Dark Delicacies, a book store dedicated to the horror genre

 The title “Dark Delicacies” may sound like chocolate candy, but actually it’s the name of a book store that dwells solely in the horror genre. It’s in the midst of the Burbank ... Continue Reading →

“Photo Opportunities” – Book Review

“Photo Opportunities” by Madeline Yale and Corinne Vionnet (Kehrer Verlag) Photo books are an intriguing corner of the publishing world. As the world glides toward the fully digital, ... Continue Reading →

A Prince Among Stones: That Business With the Rolling Stones and Other Adventures, Prince Rupert Lowenstein (Bloomsbury)

One of the most unlikely pairings in rock and roll is a titled prince taking over the finances of the Rolling Stones. In this breezy autobiography, Prince Rupert Lowenstein tells that ... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Big Band Music with the Sportsmen’s Lodge fun-loving Johnny Holiday Program

The Johnny Holiday Program at the Sportsmen’s Lodge Events Center in Studio City, California, was off to a great start with two shows over the past two months. Music lovers who were ... Continue Reading →

LIFE IN COLOR: National Geographic Photographs, curated by Annie Griffiths

With a veritable treasure trove of photography in its vaults from decades of devoted collecting, National Geographic has taken a clever approach in this lush coffee table book. The ... Continue Reading →