Dark Delicacies, a book store dedicated to the horror genre

 The title “Dark Delicacies” may sound like chocolate candy, but actually it’s the name of a book store that dwells solely in the horror genre. It’s in the midst of the Burbank area that’s home to the major production studios, and it is well known to the filmmakers in town who embrace the dark side. Location managers and set decorators are also very familiar with the unique atmosphere it has.

 The real life “little shop of horrors” is run by Del Howison and his wife Sue who call it “a big shop of horrors. It is the home of horror. We are a true horror book shop going into our 20th year.” Del got the idea for the store while operating booths at horror conventions and saw the growing genre market and the passion of the fans.

 The shop also features genre merchandise with unique collections, gift items, original art, jewelry, vampire cosmetics, greeting cards, posters, tee-shirts and other apparel for die-hard fans. “If it doesn’t scare, we won’t handle it,” Del promises.

 It’s not just for adults. The Howisons expanded their store to include a friendly “kids’ room” in the front, with age appropriate items for the little terrors in your life.

 The shop hosts top authors and horror writers for frequent book, DVD and collectibles signings and events, sometimes more than a dozen a month. And the devoted fans line up. Over the years among the authors and filmmakers who have made multiple appearances are Clive Barker, William Peter Blatty, Richard Matheson, Roger Corman, Ray Bradbury, and Harlan Ellison.

 Director-producer-writer Mick Garris, who has adapted and/or helmed various Stephen King projects, calls Dark Delicacies “a wonderful home for the dark stories that need to be told.” Garris was the creator of the Showtime series Masters of Horror and the author of “Development Hell,” a clever novel about the soul-sucking nature of Hollywood. “It’s been a great place to sign books, see what other people in the industry are doing, and meet the fans up close.”

 To check out the schedule of signings and events go to www.darkdel.com. Halloween is celebrated all year long at Dark Delicacies.

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