Fringe Final Season, Joshua Jackson impressed

Noooo! Fringe just launched its fifth and final season on Fox TV, and it will only last for 13 glorious mind-boggling episodes. That’s not really enough for the die-hard fans who have embracd the brilliant alternate universe storytelling created by JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the Lost team that also gave the Star Trek franchise a reboot).

JOSHUA JACKSON, photo by Margie Barron

The stars of the show, Joshua Jackson (as Peter), Anna Torv (Olivia) and John Noble (Walter Bishop), are out to save the world from its bleak future. The battle promises to be awsome with the Bishop family joining forces, with Peter and Olivia’s daughter Etta (Georgina Haig), plus Walter’s sidekick Astrid (Jasika Nicole) joining in.

At the summer TV press tour, Jackson explained the final season moves forward to the year 2036 taking on “a different flavor than you might imagine. Things will start to happen quite quickly. Emotions will run high. And nothing is what you’d expect.”

Very careful not to reveal too much and spoil the way Fringe will finally unfold, Jackson said he is happy with what he’s gotten to do on the series. But he thinks that the other actors who played the doppelgangers had some great acting challenges to show off their talents as multiple characters.

“It’s really something to watch. I’ve seen some of the joy that these guys [the producers-creators] have had in creating these other, not even alternative, they’re sort of fully realized other characters. I’m certainly jealous of the process they’ve gone through. I think some of that work has been very fun,” Jackson said.

“On the flip side, it is nice to have a day off every once in a while, and I watch these guys [the other actors] have to do nine-page scenes off of themselves, and I’m not jealous of that at all.” Jackson praised his castmates for pulling double duty, and gushed, “Seriously, watching you guys having to work with yourselves, that’s really impressive.”

Jackson was also impressed by his last Fringe experience at Comic-Con this summer. “For me to bear witness to the passion and dedication that the fans of the show bring every single time we’re there, it’s such a unique experience. Unlike anything else I’ve ever done. I tried to take the opportunity to enjoy and just drink this stuff in, because you don’t get to do it very often.”

So to reward the fans, Jackson promises Fringe has “taken the opportunity that was given to us and we really made it the kick-ass finale that we’ve always said we wanted for the show.” Prepare to be impressed.

Margie Barron has written for a wide variety of outlets including Gannett newspapers, Nickelodeon, Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine, Fresh!, Senior Life, Production Update, airline magazines, etc. Margie is also proud to have been half of the husband & wife writing team Frank & Margie Barron, who had written together for various entertainment and travel publications for more than 38 years.