Tia & Tamera put the real nice in the Style Network’s reality show

Tia & Tamera, photo by Margie Barron

Our favorite twin sisters Tia and Tamera are happy with season two of the Style network’s top rated docu-series, called Tia & Tamera, of course. And they say there are many highlights showing their funny, sometimes stressful, but always loving relationship.

The Tia & Tamera series follows the former childstars of the sitcom Sister Sister as they take their own paths on their life journeys. Viewers tune in to see Tia Mowry Hardrict adjust to her role as a working mom with a flourishing entertainment career. Meanwhile, Tamera Mowry Housley is trying to aggressively expand her acting career, going on auditions, yet she has to balance her career with maintaining her homes in Los Angeles and Napa, California, and getting ready to have her first child, a baby boy. It’s a major transition for her and her husband.

Exciting things are coming to the popular show, but not in a nasty, hair-pulling, name-calling, drama-queens kind of way that is the hallmark of other reality shows.

“We’re proud to show the funny and loving situations that make up our lives,” says Tia, 34, and the older of the two by a couple of minutes. “We want to be a breath of fresh air to the reality genre. And we know that our audience appreciates that because they tell us on our Twitter page. Many say that it’s nice they can watch our show with their kids.”

Tamera says, “We see ourselves as positive role models. And this is our real lives, we’re not making things up just for the camera. And we’re grateful to the Style Network for allowing us to be who we are. It’s as real as it can get. We didn’t have to change ourselves to fit into what everyone else is doing. My grandmother always said ‘dare to be different,’ and Tia and I have been different, in a positive way, all our lives.”

Both Tia and Tamera joke that their mother, a former Army sergeant, would not approve any hair-pulling drama-fest show from her girls. “She’s still a drill sergeant with us. We may be grown women now, but we are still her children and she is very proud of us,” Tia reveals proudly.

The sisters are grown up and live seperate lives, but their bond as twins never goes away. Even though they don’t see each other as often as they use to, they make it work for them. Tia says, “We have our families and it makes it difficult to spend a lot of time together. But we love each other. We always talk things out, and don’t go off angry with each other. That’s just part of who we are, and part of our DNA. We’ve been in the womb together, so now maybe it’s good to have a little space every now and then.” That’s the reality of their lives.

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