Great shows & fresh new episodes on PBS this Fall despite Hollywood strike

Six fan-favorite series return, including global hit WORLD ON FIRE on MASTERPIECE, and brand-new drama LITTLE BIRD makes its PBS debut


 Actors and writers have been on strike in Hollywood all summer as negotiations for fair contracts with the studios have broken down and restarted numerous times. They have been on the picket line for almost four months. So new episodes of television productions for this year’s Fall 2023 schedule will be absent from the airwaves… almost.

 Thanks to the way PBS produces, films, and schedules their shows months, and sometime years, in advance, their pipeline of productions will be a fresh highlight of Fall TV viewing.

 There will be new episodes of six series returning throughout September and October this season: PROFESSOR T Season 2 premieres Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023; UNFORGOTTEN on MASTERPIECE (Season 5) premieres Sunday, Sept. 3; VAN DER VALK on MASTERPIECE (Season 3) premieres Sunday, Sept. 3; HOTEL PORTOFINO (Season 2) premieres Sunday, Oct. 15; WORLD ON FIRE on MASTERPIECE (Season 2) premieres Sunday, Oct.15; ANNIKA on MASTERPIECE (Season 2) premieres Sunday, Oct. 15. Plus, the new drama, LITTLE BIRD premieres Thursday, October 12, 2023.

 All the PBS series will offer new mysteries and thrills, as well as stories of self-discovery, beauty, betrayal, and courage. Romance, glamour, and beautiful scenery are in store when guests check back into Hotel Portofino for season two (pictured). The long-awaited return of World On Fire Season 2 on MASTERPIECE, starring Jonah Hauer-King, will continue the story of bravery and resilience. And intriguing mysteries are unraveled in the season two return of the quirky Professor T.

PBS will also debut Little Bird, a new primetime series about an Indigenous woman’s journey to find her birth family, in honor of Native American Heritage Month.

Little Bird stars Darla Cointois and Lisa Edelstein

 “We are excited to have such a robust primetime lineup this fall with the return of some of our most popular dramas,” says Maria Bruno Ruiz, Vice President, Program Content Strategy and Scheduling at PBS. “In addition, I’m also very proud to bring American viewers the premiere of Little Bird, an incredibly powerful story that is not only engaging but shines light on ‘The Sixties Scoop,’ a tragic time in history when Native children were forcibly removed from their families by the Canadian government in the 1960s.”

The seven dramas (check local listings) will also be available to stream on the day of broadcast on and the PBS app, available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and VIZIO. Tune in.

Margie Barron has written for a wide variety of outlets including Gannett newspapers, Nickelodeon, Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine, Fresh!, Senior Life, Production Update, airline magazines, etc. Margie is also proud to have been half of the husband & wife writing team Frank & Margie Barron, who had written together for various entertainment and travel publications for more than 38 years.