“Superman & Lois” stars Tyler Hoechlin & Bitsie Tulloch showing off mom & dad superpowers

 The new “Superman & Lois” series has a super-clever concept. It imagines the most famous superhero in all of comic book history with his intrepid journalist wife and follows them as they face their most daunting adventure— raising two teenage boys while trying to save the world.

Premiering Tuesday, February 23 on The CW, Superman & Lois is a family drama infused with superpowers.

 The cast is picture perfect with the title power-couple played by Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch who are familiar with their roles. Hoechlin (from Teen Wolf and 7th Heaven) was cast as Clark Kent/Superman recurring on The CW’s Supergirl series. Tulloch played Lois Lane in the network’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event on Supergirl and The Flash. Tulloch is also a fan favorite following her role as Juliette Silverton/Eve on NBC’s fantasy series Grimm.

 Jordan Elsass (Little Fires Everywhere) plays Jonathan, and Alexander Garfin (The Peanuts Movie) is Jordan, the 14-year-old twin sons who have opposite personalities—one a carefree jock, one a moody rebel.

Superman & Lois, 101 “Pilot” – Jonathan Kent (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan Kent (Alexander Garfin) © 2021 The CW Network, photo by Dean Buscher

 The cast and creative team of Superman & Lois had a virtual interview session with the Television Critics Association (TCA) recently. A spokesman said it was “from their COVID-safe bubble at the Kent family farm,” the filming location in Aldergrove near Vancouver, Canada. From the set Hoechlin told the TCA his feelings about donning the Superman cape. “It’s been exciting, obviously. It’s something that I’ve been lucky enough to be playing for a few years now, first in 2016 (on Supergirl). So it feels very new, and at the same time familiar. It’s been an honor and a privilege to do it from day one and I’m very excited about doing it now and telling a completely different story than we’ve seen with these characters before.”

 About the responsibilities of her role, Tulloch added, “I would say it’s been very humbling, honestly, to be playing a strong female character as iconic as Lois Lane. Since she was first introduced in 1938, along with Superman, she has really represented someone who’s incredibly dogged and determined and uncompromising. I think, right now when the profession of journalism has been under siege, as we have seen for the last few years, it’s especially important and timely. I take it very seriously.”

Superman & Lois, 101 “Pilot” – Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) and Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) © 2021 The CW Network, photo by Dean Buscher

 The show is a fresh new spin on the Superman saga. Who ever thought of Superman and Lois being a mom and dad when kids started reading the comic books? But, as we all know, moms and dads can be superheroes. So this reporter asked Tyler and Bitsie to talk about the superpowers needed by moms and dads. What superpowers do they infuse their characters with to make them a great mom and dad, not just Superman and Lois.

 Tyler Hoechlin replied, “Thinking about my parents, my heart races going back to their qualities. I know with my parents, I look at it from a sacrifice and selflessness point of view. I have three siblings, my mom stayed home with all four of us. And the only reason I’m able to do what I do is because she was driving me in and out of LA from the time I was eight years old to go to auditions, on top of going to my baseball tournaments every weekend, and not to mention practice every night. So, there was a lot that I never would’ve been able to do without her.”

 “On top of that, my dad was a doctor, worked hundred hour weeks, but he was always at our baseball games, he always found a way to be there when we needed him.” 

 Tyler said parents like his never get awards or recognition. So he wanted to pay tribute to “the moms and dads out there who give up so much for their kids. I think it’s weird that sometimes the phrase of ‘just being a mom or dad’ is in some way less noble than pursuing a career or something. But I think someone giving up their ambitions to be there for their kids and to make those sacrifices, I really don’t know anything more admirable than that. So I’m grateful that my parents approached raising us that way, and hope that will find its way into how Lois and Clark deal with their kids.”

 Bitsie Tulloch added, “I think for Clark and Lois, one of the reasons they moved to Smallville is because they realize that they have been possibly prioritizing the wrong things — their careers. And the kids are kind of getting a little out of control and they need help. They think that moving them to a small town with fewer distractions than metropolis will be good for them, putting the boys first and the family first. One of the cool things about the way Tyler and I play Lois and Clark is that our relationship is one of mutual respect and admiration. And I think we kind of treat the boys the same way.”

 There will be lots of displays of superpowers and villains to vanquish throughout the series. But the mom and dad superhero qualities will be the ones that matter.

 Tune in Superman & Lois starting Tuesday, February 23 on The CW.

Superman & Lois, 101 “Pilot” – Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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