You Need a Buddha Board

Creating art, especially painting can seem too intimidating for many people. Once upon a time art class was simply part of the elementary school curriculum, exposing everyone to the simple joy of creating art. Given the perceived high barrier to start painting, along comes Buddha Board with a simple and elegant solution.

Available in three sizes, the ingenious design requires little more than water. With the included brush you can begin to doodle and design pieces of art with little risk. Your design takes shape on the screen, and once the moisture evaporates, so does your design. And any stress.

The mind clearing effect is beguiling.

There remain various media available to painters, from oil and acrylic to watercolor. The latter is generally seen as the most complicated, because once you put down the color you can’t get rid of it. Here Buddha Board gives you a bit of a sense of painting in watercolor, but any mistakes are easily rectified by merely waiting. Each size is very lightweight, which encourages portability. I have one set up at my desk. I have another for travel.

No chemicals, no paint, no mess, no added digital footprint…only water is needed. Greater mindfulness. Kids can explore their creativity judgment free.

When I was a student, I often doodled, and in fact I once had my notes taken by a substitute teacher who thought I was not paying attention. In fact my grades were excellent, at least in that class. Over the years I would find myself doodling during meetings, about which I had some trepidation that an observer would again think I was not engaged. For whatever reasons, my doodling dwindled during the ensuing years, but Buddha Board has suddenly reignited the prior behavior. 

It’s perfect during conference calls, a little bit less so during Zoom calls and nonetheless excellent throughout the day. Either during moments of inspiration or frustration, the Buddha Board provides a thoughtful outlet. Whether making one or several creations, when I put down the brush I feel more inspired to tackle whatever challenge is on the immediate horizon.

Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.