Deer Valley 2014

dv2One of the more consistently satisfying skiing experiences is a mere 40 minutes out of Salt Lake City. Park City is easily accessible on major freeways and once in Park City there are several mountains from which to choose. Inevitably Deer Valley continues to represent the crème de la crème of ski resorts. Deer Valley remains one of the very few ski only (no snowboarder) mountains in America.

Over the years Deer Valley has maintained its consistent quality of service. The food is definitely several cuts above what one is familiar with at other resorts. The Deer Valley management remains confident that their ‘no snowboarding policy’ was the right choice when that sport emerged on the scene several decades ago. For someone who does both sports, I can attest to the greater degree of safety and comfort at a ski only resort. Snowboarders have different moves than skiers; when trying to anticipate the other guy near you on the slope, not having the snowboarder randomness is certainly pleasant.

dv1Management has a perfect attitude when it comes to its ski only status (one of only three in the US): “When it comes right down to it, our guests are the ones who have the largest say in the determination and the current situation finds us receiving many positive comments because we do not allow snowboards.  We find there are still a lot of people who are looking for a ‘ski only’ experience and are willing to seek out a resort where they can be assured of this. Deer Valley Resort is in a unique situation having both Park City Mountain Resort and The Canyons within a few miles of our base and both resorts boast world class snowboarding terrain.”

dv3The range of runs at Deer Valley is vast. With a vertical drop of 3000 feet across 2000 acres, all skills are readily accommodated. Inevitably we challenged ourselves on the very runs skied by Olympians during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games. Indeed, 2014 Olympic Slopestyle champ Joss Christensen is from Park City, and he no doubt knows well the Deer Valley runs.

It seems that the entire staff at Deer Valley went through Disney University, as the friendliness and helpful attitude is pervasive.

dv4There are a variety of equipment rental options, including Deer Valley itself, but one particular service is a delight. Ski Butlers comes to you with your pre-ordered equipment, ensures proper sizing and picks it up from you at the end of your stay. This is a real treat and given their very competitive prices for the rentals, it is the way to go. 800-514-1271 877-754-7754


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