Postcard From Earth – A Massive Push at the Edge of the Entertainment Envelope

Anyone coming to Vegas for one of the U2 gigs should be sure to arrange tickets to see Darren Aronofsky‘s Postcard From Earth. It is a magnificent film that certainly has executives at IMAX concerned. The 18K video, coupled with astounding audio, amazing footage and a reasonably compelling storyline make for an excellent one hour experience.

It is no secret, spelled out in the film title itself, that leaving the planet by force or by choice may become inevitable. It will be curious to see what Elon Musk thinks of the film, both from a technical and philosophical standpoint. It is right up his alley, according to what we are learning from the excellent new biography by Walter Isaacson.

James Dolan, who funded the entire Sphere project to the tune of $2.3 billion (making it the most expensive venue in the world), introduced the first screening of Postcard From Earth. Also providing opening remarks were Arnofsky, who praised the filmmaker’s extensive team.

You have read elsewhere about the technical audio and video achievement that is Sphere, and this film serves several understandable goals: maximizing the technological prowess of the venue and getting butts in the seats between live concert appearances. (There will be no sports in this venue).

We did not experience any of the haptics or breeze during U2’s shows, but during Postcard From Earth when massive elephants were filling the nearly 270° screen we felt it in our seats, and when the film took us to the edge of a canyon, the breeze on our foreheads was palpable.

With a nod to 1982’s Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, the new film traversed an incredible range of imagery and left most of us spellbound.

Be sure not to rush directly to your seats for this film, spend another hour in the lobby of this magnificent new building conversing with the fascinating robots which interact directly with you by leveraging AI and amazing animatronics.

It is an uncanny valley, indeed.

Tickets are available now at 

Watch your reporter get accurate advice from the robot about whether the Buffalo Bills will win their next game here.


Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.