Chocolates & love with ‘Romantics Anonymous’ at The Wallis, Beverly Hills, March 17-29

Chocolates and a sweet rom-com, who could ask for more?

‘ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS’ is a feel-good treat with a delicious story about a passion for chocolates. The new musical is at The Wallis in Beverly Hills, March 17 to 29, 2020.

 “ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS” is a delectable new musical comedy making its U.S. premiere at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The romantic show played to rave reviews at Shakespeare’s Globe in England and is based on the film “Les Émotifs Anonymes.”

It is an unusual love story about Angélique (Carly Bawden), a passionate chocolate maker who infuses her treats with all her simmering emotions. As luck would have it, Jean-René runs a struggling chocolate factory. Both are overwhelmed by life and seek help—  Angélique joins a support group, Les Émotifs Anonymes, and Jean-René tries self-help tapes. A fragile yet funny love story unfolds when she takes a job in Jean-René’s factory.

Marc Antolin & Carly Bawden

  Marc Antolin (an Olivier nominee), who plays Jean-René, explains he hires Angélique to save his business, “and they end up falling in love. But both suffer from social anxiety, so are unable to tell each other. We follow their quest through self help tapes and meetings to overcome their fears and show their true feelings. The musical is filled with all the joy and pain it takes to survive and love in the modern world.”

 It will delight audiences, Antolin promises. “There is so much joy and hope in the story. These characters have trouble expressing themselves and I think we all have a bit of that in us. We have experienced the emotions these characters go through. It’s incredibly fun, and it has chocolate in it, a lot of it.” 

 There are many show-stopping moments in the musical, and Antolin says, “My personal highlight is the song ‘Savoir Faire.’ It’s the first date between Jean-René and Angélique and it’s incredibly awkward. Another number, Sandra Marvin sings ‘Just Disappear’ which will make your spine tingle, and I think the finale ‘Dancing On Air’ will make everyone happy-cry and leave the auditorium humming and dancing down Rodeo Drive like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.” 

 “Romantics Anonymous” is traditional with a twist. So those who love old school musicals, and those who like surprises, will adore it. Antolin says, “If you love musicals, foreign movies, love stories, laughing, chocolate, singing, dancing, and having a good time, then you must bring your friends and share the joy.”

 Antolin appeared at The Wallis as Marc Chagall in Kneehigh’s “The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk,” directed by Emma Rice who adapted “Romantics Anonymous” from the French-Belgian film “Les Émotifs Anonymes,” with lyrics and music by Christopher Dimond and Michael Kooman.

  The creative team from The Wallis’ inaugural season hit, Kneehigh’s “Brief Encounter” reunited for “Romantics Anonymous,” from Plush Theatricals in Association with Wise Children Production. Direction and Book by Emma Rice; based on the film “Les Émotifs Anonymes,” written by Jean-Pierre Améris and Philippe Blasband.

 “ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS” runs Tuesday, March 17 to Sunday, March 29 (weekdays, 7:30pm; Saturdays, 2pm and 7:30pm; and Sundays, 2pm and 7pm) in the Bram Goldsmith Theater at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts located at 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

 For tickets contact The Wallis box office at [email protected] or call (310) 746-4000. For more information visit

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