Reviews: LA stage & nightclub scene Fall 2019

 This Fall an exciting collection of live shows has graced the Los Angeles nightclub and theater stages.

Angela Parrish sings at Feinstein’s at Vitello’s

A great new addition to the nightclub scene is Feinstein’s at Vitello’s. It is a classic cabaret-style supper club that has turned into a hotspot for live music and comedy. It is the inspiration of the Great American Songbook musician-singer Michael Feinstein. He redesigned the club that was “Upstairs at Vitello’s,” above the popular Studio City restaurant on Tujunga Avenue (nestled in the trendy Tujunga Village area).

It is a fine place for a cozy club that offers an impressive schedule of musicians, singers, big name and unique performers, and comedians. A regular at Feinstein’s at Vitello’s is the amazing songbird and songwriter Angela Parrish, whose next gig there is October 31.

Review: ANGELA PARRISH PRESENTS: SONGS BY ANGELA was a great show last month featuring Angela, an award-winning songwriter and “La La Land” vocalist. It was fabulous, with the cabaret stage showcasing entertainment, stories, and song with Parrish and a bunch of her talented friends. “I’m a friend collector,” she said lovingly as she introduced everyone. But Parrish and her unbridled enthusiasm for every song she sung made her the brightest the star of the night. Her gift for making her lyrics come alive, telling a story in song, is her super-power.

The uplifting night had the theme “You are stronger than you know” and it offered encouragement and hope to everyone lucky enough to be there to hear Parrish’s songs, among them “Stronger Than You Know,” “Turn It Around,” “Stronger Than Yesterday,” and “Everything Beautiful” (about making it through hard times). “I love making art,” Angela told her audience, and as a performer and a writer, she creates masterworks. Go to  to discover this wonderful artist. And check out the Feinstein’s at Vitello’s schedule at  

Angela Parrish

 The best in music and comedy has been showcased at NoHo’s historic El Portal Theatre thanks to the 3000 Miles Off Broadway Productions from producers Ron Kurtz and Gary Grantham offering fantastic and affordable entertainment. Here are reviews of some of their most recent shows.

Zachary and Dylan Zmed perform The Everly Brothers Experience

 Review: THE EVERLY BROTHERS EXPERIENCE (October 5, 2019 at the El Portal Theatre), featuring the Zmed Brothers and the Bird Dog Band, was a tremendous tribute to America’s greatest Rock’n’Roll sibling duo. Another pair of talented brothers, Zachary and Dylan Zmed brought the Everlys to life with their superb sweet vocals capturing the Everlys’ iconic harmonies while strumming their acoustic guitars. They thrilled the rock’n’roll loving crowd with songs that were a blast from the past.

 Zachary and Dylan Zmed rocked the El Portal’s stage with the best of the Everlys’ songbook —Wake Up Little Susie, Cathy’s Clown, Bird Dog, All I have To Do Is Dream, When Will I Be Loved?, Bye Bye Love, and many more of the chart-topping Billboard hits. The Zmeds helped the audience recognize the lasting contribution of the Everlys by telling the stories behind the songs. They offered a history lesson about the music business from the 1950s and ’60s when Don and Phil Everly began creating their own music that influenced generations of singers and musicians combining country music, rockabilly, and the emerging sounds of rock and roll.

 Zachary and Dylan also added comedy with their Smothers Brothers type of sibling rivalry banter that was cute and funny, while also telling their own personal journey as performers. But it was the quality of the Zmeds’ vocals that made the show a true delight, along with musicianship of the Bird Dog band. 

 THE EVERLY BROTHERS EXPERIENCE featuring the Zmed Brothers is a nostalgic must-see for music lovers. For upcoming tour dates go to

Robert Dubac

Review: THE MALE INTELLECT: An Oxymoron? Starring Robert Dubac (October 6, 2019 at the El Portal Theatre) is not only hysterically funny, it is also an intelligently crafted Broadway-caliber one-man show. Comic-actor-writer Dubac plays six different types of men. They are comical clichés in the tour de force exploration of the male intellect regarding relationships with women. The sharp humor comes from depicting the irreconcilable differences as Dubac conducts a masterclass in how to turn the battle of the sexes into a non-stop laugh riot.

 Dubac embraces the cluelessness that most men have regarding what women want, while he anxiously awaits a call from his ex(?)-fiancée—not having a clue about what went wrong with their relationship. The left and right sides of the male brain are explored from the left and right sides of the stage, giving insight to a man’s uncomplicated thought process via a diverse group of men.

 Bobby is just a regular guy accepting advice from a sweet ethereal voice that interacts with him. He talks about his pals such as Fast Eddie from Jersey, ultra macho but rather dim around women, yet not as dim as his wise guy friend Ronnie Cabrezzi. A suave Frenchman Jean-Michel pretends to know what women want but is just as witless as the Jersey boys. The Colonel mocks his gender by claiming all men are assholes by nature, yet strives to evolve. And the sage old mermaid-obsessed fisherman Mr. Linger offers the wisdom of the ages when he says, “All women are perfect. You just have to find the one that is perfect for you.”

Robert Dubac as old Mr. Linger

 After Dubac takes turns portraying all six characters, while having a couple of beers in-between, he brings order to his confusing muses. He uses a blackboard to illustrate what he and the audience have learned over the course of the sidesplitting show. All his skillfully crafted material is wrapped up at the end. Dubac deserves kudos for a great show that pokes fun at men and women equally and exceptionally.

 As an encore, Dubac gave a little stand-up preview of his upcoming show that explores religion in all its hilarious glory. So check out information about Bob’s upcoming shows and tour schedule at

Review: THE MUSIC OF ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER, starring Terry Barber (October 13 at the El Portal Theatre) was packed with the great songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber, plus pop and classical tunes all sung with gusto by acclaimed countertenor and six time Grammy nominee Terry Barber. Terry is a marvelous performer and has the rarest voice type in world, comfortably singing much higher above a tenor. It is an extraordinary voice that spans more than four octaves.

the amazing countertenor Terry Barber

 Among his selection of songs were from Lloyd Webber’s rock sound in Jesus Christ Superstar, to the musical theater vibe in Evita Sand Cats, to the classical sounds in The Phantom of the Opera, and opera with Requiem, were all showcasing Terry Barber’s incredible range with his baritone through soprano voice. He is versatile and talented and gives the most uniquely entertaining performance of any concert singer in the world. His chit-chat with the audience was sweet too, and showed off his charismatic personality that is even more powerful when he is singing. Terry Barber is a performer worth seeing. Go to to learn more about his concerts.

 And check out the latest schedule of great shows at the historic El Portal Theatre, located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd. in the heart of North Hollywood’s NoHo Arts District. For tickets and information call (818) 508-4200 or online at

 Life’s a stage and a cabaret, go enjoy!


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