Amadeus: A Monumental Production at North Coast Repertory



Amadeus – Seated Rafael Goldstein & Tony Amendola – photo by Aaron Rumley

The remarkable delivery of numerous soliloquies marks Tony Amendola’s magnificent performance as Antonio Salieri. Complacent in his seemingly fulfilling role as Imperial Kappelmeister of Vienna, Salieri soon becomes obsessed with the youthful renegade genius Wolfganag Amadeus Mozart.
In the title role Rafael Goldstein embodies youthful impetuousness, with an excess that makes Salieri’s increasing jealousy, rage and impiety comprehensible.
The ability to present the array of elegant Viennese concert halls, drawing rooms, salons and the like is again impressively accomplished by Marty Burnett’s set design.
Director Richard Baird ably directs the cast through Peter Shaffer’s award winning script.

Amadeus Cast- photo by Aaron Rumley

Among an accomplished cast, all eyes return to the commanding presence of Amendola. Our growing empathy with Salieri’s devotion to God evolves as Salieri loses his religion. No longer will Salieri be the devoted vessel by which God delivers musical beauty; Mozart’s effortless genius is an affront to Salieri’s professed devotion. Salieri’s growing impiety drives the man further in his mad desire to destroy Mozart, ignorant of his friend’s machinations.

Tony Amendola – photo by Aaron Rumley

Amendola has easily three or four times the dialogue of any cast member, and his mastery of the role is jaw dropping.
North County Repertory Theatre has launched its 38th season with a production as ambitious as it is accomplished.

Extended through October 6, ticket information here.


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