Father’s Day Gift Guide – Never Too Late for Cool Rockin’ Daddies

Here are a handful of gifts for Dear Old Dad. Choose one or more and make your Poppa proud that he brought you up with so much good taste.

BodyGuardz Trainr Pro Case 

Whether your Daddy is working out regularly or needs a bit of encouragement to get back at it, this high-performance iPhone case will get him moving in style. The unit features lightweight sport-grip materials, athletic-grade impact protection and a one-of-a-kind “snap-in” armband. Trainr Pro has a highly reflective removable armband that was designed for even the most vigorous workout sessions. In a “snap” and no wasted time, your iPhone will quickly transform into a supremely comfortable and adjustable workout accessory, and back again in moments. I have been using it to catch up on some great new music and a superb new book on tape….

Black Edge, Sheelah Kolhatkar

If your Dad is engrossed in the Showtime special called “Billions,” this book is a must. If he is even remotely intrigued with modern day non-fiction thrillers, this book is a must. The title is used by Wall Street folks to describe the type of information on which it is illegal to trade. Although it reads like fiction, veteran journalist Kolhatkar weaves the investigation behind bazillionaire Steven A. Cohen. Pitting the man with endless resources against lawyers for the FBI, SEC and Districts Attorney, the book is a fast-paced read that is a chilling warning against the unbridled greed that fuels men like Cohen.

Oars + Alps Skin Care

Most Daddies are growing comfortable with eschewing their Daddy’s regimen of Ivory soap, Barbasol and Aqua Velvet. Oars + Alps has blended a unique formula for moisturizing and protecting your skin, which I find fresh and invigorating. The line is devoted to men, which differentiates it from other lines which try to accommodate both sexes. Because a man’s skin is oilier, thicker, coarser, and more prone to ingrown hairs and breakouts, women’s and unisex skincare products are not sufficient. If your Daddy leads an active lifestyles he is more likely to have temperamental skin, which is often oilier before being active, and drier after. Oars + Alps use natural ingredients  to produce skincare products specifically formulated for active lifestyles. The Alpine Caribou Moss from the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland is an antioxidant-rich ingredient which boosts elasticity and guards against environmental hazards such as pollution and inflammation. Dad will understand the source of the company’s name.

Wilson Staff Triton DVD Custom Driver

If your Daddy is a golfer, he is undoubtedly on the lookout for anything that can cut strokes from his game. I have been skeptical about all the new fangled improvements in equipment, but parabolic skis and lighter tennis rackets changed my mind. The Wilson Triton features several new and improved technologies including 2 Titanium and Carbon Fiber sole plates to dial in your launch (yes, removable sole plates!), 4 movable weights that can be combined differently to perfect ball flight, and an adjustable hosel with 6 position settings for ultimate control. This makes the club the most adjustable driver on the market, and a great choice for any day on the course or the range. Even better, the price recently dropped by a third.

The World is Your Burger, David Michaels

Rare is the Dad who doesn’t consider himself a connoisseur of the quintessential American delight known as the hamburger. Whether Dad is grilling, eating, driving through or searching for the ultimate burger, he will delight in perusing this coffee table tome. Weighing in at over 400 pages with 250 color illustrations, this is the literary equivalent of a double double [In n Out aficionados know exactly whereof I speak]. Author Michaels had his first burger at a Wimpy Bar in London, and the choice thereafter is to either swear off the food or seek an alternative…there is nowhere to go but up in quality therefrom. Fortunately, Michaels poured ten years of research into this compleat compendium. Covering film, music and indeed all aspect of culture, the book leaves no burger unexamined. Tracking down the obscure, the cult and the alleged first, Michaels has undertaken a journey many Dads would like to replicate. Now they can.


Every Dad at some point, likely when he was not a Dad but who knows, thought of himself as a secret agent. Moving across borders with special missions, equipped with hidden equipment. Today Dad may need to travel for work or pleasure, and he is smart enough to keep secure his passport, wallet, keys and mobile phone. SPIbelt is the ideal solution. Whether attending a music festival, flying to London or jogging on the beach this clever expandable belt can be worn inside or outside clothes. It expands to 6.5″ x 3″ x 2″ and is bounce-free.

Mission One by Endless

Speaking of incredible prices, the Mission One is a computer which sells for $249 and is powered by a 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron processor and a 500 GB hard drive. “Our lives are filled with beautiful design, and yet our PCs are still ugly black rectangles that are stashed under desks. We believe that the computer should be an industrial-design object, something that you are proud to showcase,” said Matt Dalio, CEO and chief of product at Endless. “Mission is a design object for the modern home.” The cube, about the size of two or three stacked CD jewel cases, sports a sleek and beautiful unibody chassis with elegant finishes in sustainably harvested bamboo. The computer’s operating system features a familiar, intuitive interface that is as simple as a smartphone, so anyone can have a fully functional family computer within minutes. Most fathers are well-acquainted with the concept of Moore’s Law, which loosely translates to anything technical, meaning things get better and cheaper.

Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.