Clearobo – Robot Vacuum Cleaner for my Jetsons House

Clearobo – Robot Vacuum Cleaner for my Jetsons House

They promised us jetpacks. They promised us robots. They promised us four day work weeks. A few of those things are finally on the market, including a plethora of robot vacuums. I have been trying out the Clearobo, and I like its many features. The three hour run time is enough for it to slither around my house, gobbling up the pet hair left by Chunky our cat. Although I will have to wait for a future generation of the Clearobo to vacuum Chunky’s favorite chair, I am happy the way Clearobo covers the floor.

The unit comes with an app feature, which I will eventually dive into. For now, I like setting it loose to do its work. The “laser smart navigation” sends it to every nook and cranny. I still enjoy watching it scoot around, looking very productive in its seemingly random journey.

Chunky has become accustomed to Clearobo, a nice truce has settled over the house.

The mop functionality is great for ensuring dust is adequately swept up during Clearobo’s trek. The multi-floor functionality is also clever. I use the restricted zone functionality so that it avoids the fringes on our Asian rugs; Clearobo otherwise gets hung up in those areas.

I have yet to run down the battery run time, but apparently Clearobo knows when it’s time to head for home and recharge. That is comforting.

The unit offers a ‘quiet’ mode in case I want to be in the room when Clearobo is underway, but I prefer to think of it like a dishwasher: turn it on and let it complete its cycle. There are three other modes, and Clearobo can cross thresholds up to ¾” which is impressive.

The future arrives every day, but Clearobo has me believing a bit more strongly about George Jetson.

But, where is my jetpack?


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