Decade of Dudamel at Hollywood Bowl & Concern Foundation at Paramount

The Jose Iturbi Foundation sponsored “A Decade of Dudamel” in honor of his ten years in L.A. Gustavo conducted a special anniversary show, complete with fireworks & featured members of the Youth Orchestra of LA. The evening’s performance included music from well-known films from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Joan Van Ark, Donelle Danigan, Michele Lee, Donna Mills at Hollywood Bowl (Photo credit: Bill Dow)

President of the Foundation, Danielle Dadigan (who is the God-daughter of Iturbi) invited a slew of stars as special guests — including Burt Ward (Robin/Batman) Tony, Emmy & Oscar nominees George Charkis, Laine Kazan, Michelle Lee & Donna Mills. Some of the film music performed included: Theme from Pink Panther, Theme from Vertigo & Suite from Casablanca. It was a great evening of gorgeous music, gorgeous stars & a return to the real Golden Age of Hollywood.

4,000 guests at Concern Block Party (Photo credit: Ed Solorzano)

One event we never miss is the Concern Block Party, celebrating their 45th year at Paramount Studios. Concern is dedicated to raising funds for cancer research & this year they raised $1.8 million. Over 4,000 guests partook of fantastic food & beverages from 70 restaurants, including Ocean Prime, The Grill on the Alley & Porto Via. We stood in line for 20 minutes to feast on a huge Pinks Hot Dog & it was well worth it.

Tasty treats at Concern Block Party

This year, Lexy & John Carroll were honored for their lifetime of giving. With 95% of funds going to cancer research, Concern Foundation has made great strides in cancer research and treatment.

Tasty treats at Concern Block Party

And last but not least — enjoyed a classy event at the Waldorf Astoria, to introduce the summer issue — Marie Westwood Magazine. The cover photo of En Vogue could not match the beauty of the gals in iperson, and the outfits designed by Sue Wong really were outstanding. Even our pal, Gloria Allred was impressed.

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