LOVE, DOLLY starring Kim Eberhardt, Dolly Parton celebration & costume contest, Sept 25 at NoHo’s El Portal

 Have you ever dreamt of enjoying a day with the legendary Dolly Parton, hearing her songs and the stories behind them, laughing together and sharing secrets? Well, here’s the must-see show for you: LOVE, DOLLY starring the sparkling Kim Eberhardt. It’s a feel-good Dolly celebration at the historic El Portal Theatre, in North Hollywood, Sunday,  Sept. 25, 2022 at 3 pm.

 “It’s time to have some fun and feel that joy with Dolly,” says Kim Eberhardt, who not only looks and sounds like the music icon, she has the magical sparkle that gives audiences the full Dolly experience. If you don’t come to see the show, you’ll hear about it from your friends and wish you were there.

 “We’ve gotten standing ovations (earlier this year at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center) with people saying they felt ten times better after seeing this show. They are uplifted. And our amazing band is part of the excitement that brings people to their feet.”

 A stunning, petite blonde who played Dolly in two hit productions of  9 to 5: The Musical, Eberhardt creates “Dolly magic” by capturing Parton’s persona and unique sound with her beautiful voice, but insists she’s not doing an imitation. “Although I look and sound like Dolly, when I walk out on stage I come out as myself and invite the audience on a journey with me to be inspired by Dolly’s life.”

  “When I sing some of the heartfelt ballads you’ll feel the healing, the positivity, the love. It’s Dolly’s words and joy. She’s a great storyteller.”

 Kim notes that her show will offer Dolly’s greatest hits, including 9 to 5, Jolene, Islands in the Stream, I Will Always Love You, and much more. Plus stories sprinkled with fun “Dolly quotes” sharing her sense of humor.

 The first half of the show is about her humble beginnings and the start of her superstar journey. The second half has a megastar feel. Kim comes out drenched in glitter and fringe, rhinestone boots, and a big wig change. “Through her songs we’ll look at what she did with her life— a singer-songwriter-musician, businesswoman, author, and philanthropist. We get into her core values and the philosophy of her life. She has stayed true to herself and that is very inspiring and healing.”

 Kim says, “Dolly truly values each person and makes us all feel we’re accepted and welcomes everyone to be fans. That’s something really special about her. She unifies everyone in the audience, that’s the joy of doing this show. She is love, that’s why I call the show ‘Love, Dolly.’”

  With the showmanship Kim Eberhardt has mastered thanks to her impressive theatrical background, she is spreading her show’s love with a special costume contest.

  “If you come dress in costume as Dolly, we will invite you on stage at the end of the show to win a nice prize. We’ll get the audience to cheer and vote on their favorite Dolly by way of applause. So if you want to win this contest, bring your friends to cheer for you. Everyone is invited to participate, and keep in mind the 3 pm show will have an audience of all ages and every community. I want the true fans who want to dress up like their idol and show their love for Dolly to sparkle.”

 Making the fun last longer, after the show Kim will take pictures with fans for their social media. “If people are ready to dress up and go out to the theater, I’m happy to create the happy celebration y’all can enjoy. Won’t that be fun?”

 Sunday, September 25, 2022 at 3 pm, LOVE, DOLLY starring the mesmerizing Kim Eberhardt, on the Debbie Reynolds Mainstage at the El Portal Theatre, 5269 Lankershim Blvd. in the NOHO Arts District, North Hollywood, CA.  For tickets and information call 818-508-4200 or online at

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