ZAGG Answers Your Questions About What to do With Your New iPhone

Santa delivered a ton of new iPhones last week, and many folks are wondering what to do next. Other than learning what new tricks the disciples of Jony Ive at Apple have dreamt up for us, a very early next step is to get some protection for your new smartphone.

The wizards at ZAGG have maintained their position on the leading edge of technology when it comes to screen protection and battery cases.

For my new iPhone Xs, I am feeling more at ease knowing that the glass elite visionguard+ is on the job, providing me four levels of protection. As part of ZAGG’s Invisible Shield line, the screen protector eases digital eye strain by reducing the harmful effects of the blue light emanating from the screen. With the average adult now spending over nine hours on screens daily, anything to reduce the resulting dry and irritated eyes (and sleep disruption) is a worthy addition to your digital arsenal. All this is accomplished by ZAGG without diminishing the true colors of the screen (many other protectors add a yellowish tint to offset the blue light effects).

I also like the anti-microbial protection.

Application of the screen protector is getting easier, as ZAGG provides a grip pad on which to rest your phone for no-slip installation, as well as a frame into which you position the protector for perfect application.

ZAGG backs up its confidence with a limited lifetime warranty, providing further comfort when it comes to shatter and scratch protection.

Each new iteration of smartphone brings with it claims of longer battery life, but those promises seem to ring hollow over time. Battery technology is indeed the sector of the business most ready for a massive breakthrough, but physics seems to always get in the way. In the interim, I am happy adding a bit of heft to my smartphone with a protective case that also extends my time away from a wall socket.

Mophie’s juice pack access is not only a protective case, it supplies a huge bump of battery life (25 hours of talk time, 17 hours of video playback or most important to me 76 hours of music playback). The unit provides access to the original lightning port and also affords wireless charging.

Now I am set for a new decade.

Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.