The Latest Development in Electric Bike Affordability – Stark Drive

I have been following the Electric Bike market with interest. Like similar developments in vehicles larger (cars) and smaller (scooters), bikes powered by batteries have seen steady improvements in performance and price.

Oscar Stark has been at the forefront of pushing the edge of the price / performance envelope for several years. He broke a significant price barrier several years ago, and he just launched an Indiegogo campaign for an advanced iteration of his next bike.

The Stark Drive Torque comes in two models, either standard tires or fat tire for the ultimate in off-road adventure mid-motor specifications. Starting at under $1000, these models offer an incredible spec of up to 1000w of power at 48V and up to 160Nm torque. Oscar tells me that is “double our nearest hub motor based competition at similar power. No kidding!”

Stark has added some crazy cool features like fingerprint recognition unlocking, Near Field Communication (using magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they’re touched together or brought in close proximity of each other), wireless charging and the ability to detach and use the massive 22Ah battery as a USB powerpack on the go, no matter where Stark Drive takes you.

For those looking to dive into the joys electric bikes, or upgrade their current experience, this is the logical next move.

More information here.


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