WORLDZ is a Definite Massage for the Brain – Here is What to Expect in 2018

If you have the time, the inclination and the funds, there are an endless number of conferences to be attended. Having attended more than my fair share of conferences across myriad business sectors, I can attest that the best conferences are like a massage for the brain.

You come out refreshed, with new mental muscles stretched in new directions, newly equipped with a healthy jolt and verve to shift perspectives for the better.

Last year I found that WORLDZ met all those criteria. It looks like this year’s gathering will repeat the success of last year.

Mark your calendar to be in Long Beach on October 17 and 18 for WORLDZ Chapter Three: Chasing True North. The creators of the event are not venturing into hyperbole when they state “Representing more than $110 billion in annual media spending, WORLDZ brings together the most influential minds and brands in the world from Director to CEO level, allowing unprecedented and 1:1 access to the world’s top cultural masters.”

Already announced are very senior executives from global brands like LVMH, Samsung, Pandora, Lyft, Calvin Klein and Marvel. Recent additions include RZA, NBA All-Star & Entrepreneur Baron Davis, Gus Wenner (President, Rolling Stone), Sarah Thompson (CEO, Droga5), the CMOs from Lamborghini, Salesforce, Victoria’s Secret, and hundreds more.

The diversity of the participants and the eclectic nature of the sectors represented ensure delivery of a very unique event.

Impressively, the producers of WORLDZ eventually make public various parts of the prior gatherings, but the face to face interaction can’t be replicated online. To get a one way flavor of the dynamic presentations, check out this stage talk by Quincy Jones and a keynote presentation from Gary Vaynerchuk.

Here is a great three minute video summary of last year’s gathering, which does a good job capturing the unique energy generated.

On a sobering note, one of last year’s most impressive presenters recently died. Claire Wineland inspired countless people of all ages, despite spending a quarter of her 21 year life in hospitals battling cystic fibrosis. Hers is a magnificent spirit that will be missed by her countless followers.

Claire Wineland, one of the many impressive speakers at Worldz 2017.

I recently asked about the change of venue for this year’s gathering. Last year’s gathering was held at the seeming epicenter of entertainment (Hollywood and Highland). As to this year’s location, WORLDZ Co-Founder and CEO Roman Tsunder told me: “WORLDZ creates experiences and once-in-a-lifetime moments for our members. Our goal at WORLDZ is to host activities in spaces where it’s fresh and different, and to create a sense of awe and wonder for our speakers and attendees.”

We chose The Long Beach Performing Arts Center as it’s home to many artistic and cultural events, is beautifully situated, just steps from the harbor and within easy walking distance of numerous downtown hotels and restaurants.

“Since WORLDZ is a global community, we selected Long Beach because it’s in greater Los Angeles, convenient to four airports (LAX, Long Beach, Burbank and John Wayne Orange County), and also just far enough away from the day-to-day business and distractions of Hollywood.”

I can understand the logic of the venue shift, as it will encourage greater and deeper engagement from attendees, who might otherwise be inclined to skim along the surface by attending only a couple sessions if the event were held in a location more proximate to LA offices.


Brad Auerbach has been a journalist and editor covering the media, entertainment, travel and technology scene for many years. He has written for Forbes, Time Out London, SPIN, Village Voice, LA Weekly and early in his career won a New York State College Journalism Award.