Comedy Hypnosis Catherine Hickland’s mind-bending amazements on Debbie Reynolds MainStage, El Portal Theatre, July 28

The entertaining mind-bending show, Catherine Hickland’s Comedy Hypnosis and Other Mind Amazements is at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, California, on Saturday, July 28, 2018.

Debbie Reynolds and Catherine Hickland

It is a special one-night-only performance presented on the El Portal’s Debbie Reynolds MainStage, named after Catherine’s Mother in Law, the late great showbiz legend Debbie Reynolds. Hickland is married to Reynolds’ son producer-author Todd Fisher. But Catherine also has impressive credits.

Catherine Hickland is an actress, author, and extraordinary hypnotist presenting the first of its kind ultra-fun show. She is the comical guide for a journey that will leave you laughing and pondering the boundaries of mental power. Filled with possibilities, shy audience members are transformed during the show. Hickland says, “The science of the mind is turned into something that’s intriguing, hilarious, romantic, and poetic all at once.”

Catherine Hickland gave a great interview to explain what the audience can expect: Hickland insisted, “You can expect to laugh a lot, because it is fun to see people let go of the fear of what people think and just be without limitation. People who are hypnotized have their eyes open, they see the audience, they just don’t bother to think about why they’re there. No stage fright, nothing. It’s very funny to see people free like this because when you remove all fear and all doubt, we can do anything. After a show, volunteers look 10 years younger because they have been so totally relaxed.”

“Another element is the art of mentalism, or mind magic, others might call it mind reading. It’s confounding in a really interesting way. It’s all about the art of influence and reading people which is fascinating. Jon Stetson, my friend and colleague, is one of the best mentalists in the world. He will blow your mind.”

Combining comedy and hypnosis is a fun idea, what inspired it? Hickland reveals, “Pat Collins the Hip Hypnotist was a huge influence when I was growing up. I admired her being a woman in a man’s world, and one of the most famous hypnotists in history.”

“When I moved to Los Angles in the ’70s to pursue an acting career, I wanted to see her. After that, I had no doubt that hypnosis was real. To this day am amazed when I am onstage and look into the eyes of a person in trance. It takes a person of intelligence, contrary to what people may think, because it requires the ability to focus so intensely.”

“Pat Collins made a film with my Mother in Law, Debbie Reynolds, called Divorce American Style. Debbie really liked her and found her interesting, everyone did. She gave a positive message through her work. I feel a great responsibility to also teach through entertainment, the incredible power of our subconscious mind.”

Hickland has been performing stage Hypnosis for 10 years. She says, “The last few years I was on One Life To Live, I knew after 38 years of acting that there wasn’t a part I hadn’t played, an emotion that I hadn’t felt. Being on a soap opera is like being in a story that never ends, and after being on five of them in long term roles, I was on burn out and felt a higher calling to help people and still be an entertainer.”

Hickland says its a joy to perform her Comedy Hypnosis, which is very different from all she’s done most notably on One Life To Live and Knight Rider, and other impressive credits on TV, film, even Broadway in Les Misérables.

“I love people so much. Playing with them and making them laugh, and more important, making them think and feel is the best. This is very different from TV or even Broadway because you cannot rehearse this kind of show. You are not as in control of things, because there is no script, no marks to hit, and anything can happen. It’s just me and 30 chairs, it is flying without a net. It has made me kind of fearless because I have seen it all.”

It is special to perform on the El Portal’s MainStage dedicated to Debbie Reynolds. Hickland says, “I feel like it is what I was supposed to do. Debbie had asked me if I wanted to share a week at the El Portal with her. Sadly, we never got to do it but I feel like I am closing the circle and will dedicate time to her in this show. I loved her so very much.”

Also on the personal side, Hickland says, “I met my husband Todd Fisher after becoming a hypnotist, and he has been by my side. We champion each other. We are there for each other.”

And Hickland has owned a cosmetics company (, for 17 years, that is focused on women over forty. “I promise you, it makes a woman look 10 years younger.”

Regarding all she’s involved with, Hickland says, “There is only so much of me and first and foremost, I am a wife, which is no small job. Todd and I live in Las Vegas. I am also a ‘Mother of Dragons,’ having 20 chickens, including our house rooster, Nugget.”

Hickland says she is bringing her Knight Rider car to the theater and KITT will be behind the box office the night of the performance. “He is an iconic car and loves being in the spotlight. So, if anyone was a Knight Rider fan, they will enjoy seeing KITT.” And there will be a meet and greet in the lobby immediately following the performance

Catherine Hickland’s Comedy Hypnosis and Other Mind Amazements is presented for one-night only Saturday, July 28, at 7 p.m. on the Debbie Reynolds MainStage at the historic El Portal Theatre. For tickets go to or call (818) 508-4200. Also visit the El Portal Theatre box office at 5269 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood.

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