Kenny G & Michael Bolton

 Kenny G & Michael Bolton


It’s been 15 long years since saxophonist Kenny G and long-time friend and crooner Michael Bolton shared the same stage. On Valentine’s Day, 94.7 The Wave radio station had these titans of romance perform to enthusiastic fans at the Gibson Theatre. Kenny G was heard, for a few minutes, but not found in the dark.  All anyone can do is hear that familiar ultra soprano saxophone permeate in the cool night air. He played a few fan favorites like “Silhouette,” before diving into more classics like  “Forever in Love,” “Havana” and “Songbird.”   When the lights did come on, everyone was surprised to find him standing near the audience. He made one couple happy by rewarding them with a saxophone, from his own line of saxophones, The elated couple, who participated and won in a raffle, sat on stage as G serenaded them and received a saxophone.  Later, he asked his man Shorty to take a picture of him with the couple.

G doesn’t have a problem letting his band members shine. He gave up some of his time to his percussionist Ron Powell.  His toned biceps bulged every time he played the congas. He used both his hands and elbows.  The audience ate it up and demanded more, which Powell more than happily obliged.  Kenny G applauded right along with the audience. He did the remarkable and held a note more or less about five minutes without missing a beat. He used one hand to wave to the crowd and still, didn’t drop a note. He ended the night playing alongside a video of the late trumpet player/singer Louie Armstrong song “It’s a Wonderful World.”


The second hour was just as heartfelt as the first. Two-time Grammy winner Michael Bolton, dressed simply in a black shirt,  jacket and jeans, performed double duty by singing and playing guitar on the heart clenching “Soul Provider”  “ Said I Loved You… But I Lied,” and the Otis Redding classic “(Sittin’ On The) Dock of the Bay.” He provided a sample of his new song “Hope Its to Late” from his new CD, One World, One Love.  He hasn’t lost his touch in reaching out to the people. His lyrics continue to connect with listeners. It was a perfect night having G and Bolton on stage again. Hopefully, this will become a regular thing and they won’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day.