Farmer’s Daughter Hotel – a Tasty Slice of Country Hosptiality in Los Angeles


Los Angeles, like most of Southern California and heck the rest of the country, is filled with motels that have seen better days. Some of these venues have been blessed with one or more of the three most important factors in real estate (location, location, location).

The really smart owners have taken the bull by the horns and done a retro redecoration of their facility and thereby brought a fresh look to a tired venue.

The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel has met each of these criteria.

The brushed copper in the elevator captures the recurring theme of the pert Farmer's Daughter.

The brushed copper in the elevator captures the recurring theme of the pert Farmer’s Daughter.


Patio Dining at Tart

Patio Dining at Tart

They grabbed a coy theme and milked it well in practically every aspect of their presentation. Front and center is the eponymous daughter, who left the countryside and headed to the bright lights of LA. But she brought with her memories and implements of home. The farm animal motif is evident throughout the hotel, as are the tools and milk cans and tin roof and split rail wood fence.

The rooms are outfitted with denim bed covers and plaid curtains. Gingham is featured on the throw pillows. Comfortable Adirondack-style rocking chairs are found in each room, and the limitations of the original bathroom design have been improved with modern fixtures and appointments.

The similarly unchangeable swimming pool is brightened with various rubber duckies floating on the surface.

Tart is the appropriately named café within the hotel. We had a solid country style breakfast one morning, with the requisite eggs and bacon and juice and coffee, the latter served in tin cups.

The theme at Farmers Daughter Hotel is so cleverly maintained that it avoids the cloying kitschiness of the Madonna Inn.

The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel is located very close to the Grove and the Farmer’s Market, so with ease we strolled over for some therapeutic shopping and a movie.


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