As perhaps the most pivotal entertainer in American history, the story of Elvis Presley has been told from countless angles. Here the story is told by his wife, Priscilla. Written, ... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Fall

Over the decades, legal dramas have been well assayed by myriad filmmakers. The attraction to the genre is understandable. Writers and directors are fascinated by the generally tight ... Continue Reading →

Stop Making Sense

The list of universally acclaimed concert films is notoriously short. This is for obvious reasons. The ability to capture on film in two dimensions the excitement and transient nature ... Continue Reading →

The Holdovers

The filmmakers have apparently said this is not a Christmas film, but the key art and setting certainly augur toward annual viewing. Neither “It’s a Wonderful Life” nor “Die ... Continue Reading →


As someone who spent countless hours in the swimming pool on swim team, I have much admiration for long distance swimmers, as my competition only extended to shorter sprints. In the ... Continue Reading →

Dumb Money

Everyone loves an underdog story, especially when it involves poor schmucks who can thumb their nose while also making money off of Wall Street bigwigs. That is exactly the storyline ... Continue Reading →


This is a project for which many people have been waiting many years. In the hands of lesser talent, the film would have collapsed under its own weight, much like a black hole. Trying ... Continue Reading →

‘The Musicians’ Green Book’ film event showcased Jazz greats & their struggles

Kicking off June’s 44th Anniversary of Black Music Month, Grand Songbook Media held the first screening of its Historic Documentary “The Musicians’ Green Book: An Enduring ... Continue Reading →