The power of the short form documentary has become more evident in recent years. The ability to digest more than a quick bite, but without the risk losing 90 minute with ... Continue Reading →

SoPo Seafood Delivers Fresh Maine Seafood to Your Door – Delicious!

With a newfound love of oysters, we were delighted to shift our usual gaze from Seattle to the far corner of the country. SoPo Seafood is a seafood market, raw ... Continue Reading →

Later Days – San Diego Film Festival

A clever premise and several very good vignettes are the strongest elements of this film. There are some very good characters, inhabited by talented actors. Nonetheless, ... Continue Reading →

Chris Isaak – A Sure Thing at Humphrey’s

You know we are moving toward a more normal concert scenario when we are back at Humphrey’s and Chris Isaak is holding court. This time he only waited two songs instead ... Continue Reading →

Pat Metheny Live at Rady Shell

A particularly eclectic booking in the inaugural season of the Rady Shell was Pat Metheny, the immensely talented guitarist. The setting of the venue on the San Diego ... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes on The Rolling Stones Tour and Sponsorship with the Alliance for Lifetime Income

The Rolling Stones have embarked on another tour. Along with a dwindling number of artists from the original era of rock and roll, the Stones are still touring and ... Continue Reading →

“The Gardens of Anuncia” at The Old Globe Theatre

  The premise is appealing: an older women finds that her garden is a catalyst for exploring her memories. Through her chronological succession of vignettes, she ... Continue Reading →

Dear Evan Hansen – From Small Stage to Big Screen

If you have followed the long, sometimes strange trip of this musical from Off-Broadway to Broadway to film, you know by now that the lead actor is a 28 year old playing ... Continue Reading →