“Undateable” NBC Fridays with a cast of Class Clowns going Live!

  Undateable, the buddies-at-the-bar sitcom evocative of Cheers airing on NBC, is off to a great launch going live this season. That bold step is thanks to the talented cast, ... Continue Reading →

“Undateable” comedy cast ultra-lively about going live on NBC

The NBC sitcom Undateable could be described best as Cheers—The Next Generation. Not only does the show have a great comedy cast with hot chemistry, but also it’s set in ... Continue Reading →

TV Showrunners produce great dramas: The Blacklist, Grimm, Parenthood, Chicago Fire & Chicago P.D.

During the July 2014 Television Critics Association’s summer press tour there was an interview panel with the showrunners for some of NBC’s top series. The lineup had ... Continue Reading →

Revolution on NBC is high-tech and un-plugged with producer J.J. Abrams

The NBC series “Revolution” takes place in the not too distant future and follows a family struggling to reunite after every piece of technology in the U.S. has mysteriously been ... Continue Reading →

NBC’s “The Office” is coming to an end after nine years on the job

The Office is a familiar place. We all know the types of characters who inhabit the Dunder Mifflin paper supply company, the setting for the much acclaimed NBC sitcom. Among them are ... Continue Reading →

A Modern Jekyll & Hyde with NBC’s Do No Harm

There’s a deep, dark secret that compassionate neurosurgeon Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale)is hiding. Jason has a dangerous alternate personality, Ian Price, who has been suppressed ... Continue Reading →

SMASH, NBC musical series, is as unpredictable as an opening night on Broadway

The musical series Smash starts its second season February 5 on NBC, with exciting new twists and unpredictable drama. The cast and producers gathered at the recent TV critics press ... Continue Reading →

Matthew Perry back on NBC’s “Go On”

Matthew Perry credits “great chemistry” for the mega success of the sitcom Friends, which gave him fame and fortune. Now Perry hopes to find that key ingredient as his ... Continue Reading →